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Florida Institute of Technology

Florida Institute of Technology
Florida Institute of Technology

An Education Worlds Above the Rest

Florida Tech is a pioneer in the fields of space and technology and is proud to have trained many NASA scientists and astronauts. Today, Florida Tech maintains a reputation as a leader and innovator in disciplines from business to psychology. With over $35 million in research-sponsored projects, we continue to significantly impact today’s industries. And with off-campus sites in Alabama, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia, several of which are on military bases – in addition to online degree programs – students all over the globe have access to the same world-class Florida Tech education earned on its main campus in Melbourne.

Faculty Dedicated to the Spirit of Discovery

Florida Tech is distinguished by top-notch educators, international scholars and world-class researchers. In fact, nearly 90% of our faculty earned their doctorates from a variety of schools including the University of Maryland, Louisiana Tech, the University of Kentucky and Duke University. On average many faculty members have over 10 years of experience in the business world. Many have worked for corporations such as Raytheon Missile Systems, Xerox, Toyota and Northrop Grumman, while several others own small businesses or law firms. As a Florida Tech student, you’ll experience individualized working relationships with your instructors. Instead of getting lost in the crowd, you’ll benefit from the kind of individual attention that makes education that much more fulfilling. Working online with Florida Tech professors and students alike is richly interactive. Professor-led streaming video, email, discussion boards and chat rooms are available 24/7.

Take Pride in the Panthers!

With 15 NCAA Division II varsity sports programs that compete in the Sunshine State Conference, Florida Tech gives its students and supporters plenty to cheer about. The Panthers have achieved impressive results in numerous sports, notably two national championships in men’s soccer, conference titles in women’s basketball and an NCAA regional championship in men’s basketball. Florida Tech alumnus and former Panther pitcher Tim Wakefield has enjoyed a successful career in Major League Baseball, where he pitched for the Boston Red Sox. Click here for the latest news about the Panthers.

Our Graduates Are Out of This World

You’re in good company with a distinguished group of individuals who have carried the pursuit of excellence way beyond their studies at Florida Tech. Among the more than 50,000 alumni include several astronauts, many CEOs of major corporations, Senior Executive Service (SES) members, and 32 generals including two four-star generals, six three-star generals, 18 two-star major generals and six one-star brigadier generals.

Alumni Include:

  • Numerous presidents, vice presidents and CEOs of well-known American companies such as:
    • Salli Setta, President of Red Lobster
    • Tom Folliard Jr., CEO of CarMax
    • Travis Proctor, CEO of Artemis IT
    • Teresa Ho, CFO of Artemis IT 
  • Several Senior Executive Service (SES) members charged with leading the continuing transformation of the government. They serve in key positions with top presidential appointees and are the major link between these appointees and the rest of the federal work force. SES members operate and oversee nearly every government activity in approximately 75 federal agencies. They are: Joseph T. Bolos, Harry H. Fuchigami, and James E. Hattaway, Jr.
  • George Zamka, NASA astronaut who flew as pilot for the STS-120 mission in August 2007
  • Kay Hire, NASA astronaut who flew aboard Space Shuttle Columbia in 1998
  • Joan Higgenbotham and Sunita Williams, NASA astronauts who flew on the Space Shuttle Discovery mission in 2006; Sunita Williams is also the world record holder for total spacewalks and most spacewalk time for a woman
  • 32 Generals including two Four-Star Generals: Ann E. Dunwoody and Johnnie E. Wilson (Ret); six Three-Star Lieutenant Generals: Daniel G. Brown (Ret), Douglas D. Buchholtz, Otto J. Guenther (Ret), Ronald V. Hite (Ret), Hubert G. Smith, (Ret), Mitchell Stevenson; 18 Two-Star Major Generals: Anders Aadland, Jere H. Akin (Ret), James Ball (Ret), William L. Bond (Ret), Edward M. Browne (Ret), Charles C. Cannon (Ret), Kenneth S. Dowd, Charles F. Drenz (Ret), Dennis K. Jackson, Terry Juskowiak (Ret), Harry G. Karegeannes (Ret), Aaron L. Lilley (Ret), Herbert J. McChrystal (Ret), Willie Nance, Jr., Julian A. Sullivan, Jr. (Ret), Michael H. Sumrall, Peter J. Talleri, Bennie E. Williams (Ret); six One-Star Brigadier Generals: James E. Bickford (Ret), James W. Boddie, Jesse Cross, Thomas Dickinson, Sanford Holman, Michael J. Pepe (Ret).
  • Spencer Blaker, director of global retail marketing, Burt’s Bees
  • Hannah Medd, marine biologist and founder of the American Shark Conservancy 
  • Tracey Bailey, National Teacher of the Year recipient
  • Amy Fenwick Reaume, conservation coordinator, Brevard Zoo
  • Zeeshan-Ul-Hassan Usmani, co-founder and chief data scientist of Predicify.Me
  • Thomas Bohrer, Olympic silver medalist
  • Tim Wakefield, an outstanding pitcher who played for the Boston Red Sox
  • Greg Donovan, executive director of Melbourne International Airport 
  • Casey Turner, guitartist, singer, songwriter
  • And thousands of managers in many high-tech enterprises, major airlines and all branches of the military; engineers; scientists and pilots

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