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2012 Headlines

Florida Tech Responds to Help Sandy Victims

Florida Institute of Technology Responds to Help Victims in North East after Super Storm Sandy.

Financial Advice Website Ranks Florida Tech Graduates among Top Earners

Florida Institute of Technology - Financial Advice Website Ranks Florida Tech Graduates among Top Earners.

Cyber Security Research Alliance to Collaborate with Academia to Tackle Major Challenges

Florida Institute of Technology - Cyber Security Research Alliance to collaborate with Academia to tackle major challenges facing the field.

America's Natural Gas Alliance and Florida Tech Join in Student-Led Campaign; Event Open to Public Nov. 8

Florida Institute of Technology to host America's Natural Gas Alliance in Student-Led Campaign; Event Open to Public November 8, 2012.

Twenty Percent of Americans Have Been Victims of Cyber Crime

Florida Institute of Technology - Twenty percent or one in five Americans have been victims of cyber crime today.

Panetta, Experts Say Better Cyber Security Needed to Thwart Attacks

Florida Institute of Technology - U.S. Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, is calling for the nation to bolster its cyber security efforts to thwart attacks.

Professor Shares Unique Approach in Information Security Textbook

Florida Institute of Technology's Professor Michael Workman publishes unique approach to information security in new textbook.

An MBA Can Help Professionals Climb The Corporate Ladder

Florida Institute of Technology Masters in Business Administration program can help professionals climb the corporate ladder.

Florida Tech Information Assurance Meeting Oct. 18: What Keeps Security Leaders Up at Night

Florida Institute of Technology will be hosting an Information Assurance meeting on October 18, 2012.

Corporate Attorneys, Directors Call Cyber Security Top Issue for Business

Corporate Attorneys, Director call Cyber Security as Top Issue for Today's Businesses.