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‘G.I. Jobs’ Names Florida Tech in Military Friendly Schools List

By University Alliance on October 15, 2012

To honor the schools across the country that strive to assist current and former military members, G.I. Jobs magazine recently published its 2013 Military Friendly Schools list. Now in its fourth year, this list honors the top 15% of colleges, universities and trade schools for their efforts to recruit, assist and retain veterans or current service members.

Florida Tech was placed among the top 15% of colleges, universities and trade schools that made the 2013 list for efforts in recruiting, supporting and retaining American veterans and current service members as students.

What is a 'Military Friendly School?'

According to G.I. Jobs, military friendly schools are those that strive to recruit and retain veterans and service members, while giving them convenient and flexible access to a high-quality education.

In order to determine which institutions should make its Military Friendly Schools list, the magazine administers a survey to colleges across the nation. This survey examines factors such as on-campus military support, academic credibility, percent of military students, academic credits, military spouse policies and government approvals. The survey results are then independently tested by Ernst & Young LLP. 

Which Schools Were Included on the List?

This year's list contained about 1,739 schools across the nation, including the Florida Institute of Technology, or Florida Tech. In order to assist the more than 700 military or veteran students attending the school, Florida Tech provides full-time veteran counselors and advisers. Additionally, the institute offers veteran career counselors and social networking events designed specifically for current and former service members.

"We value being military friendly," said Anthony Catanese, president of Florida Tech, in a statement. "This very important recognition is a testament to our commitment to supporting our servicemen and women."

Other schools that made the 2013 Military Friendly Schools list include the University of Alabama, Pepperdine University, the University of New Haven, the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Mississippi State University.

The 2013 list also features almost 200 community colleges. According to G.I. Jobs, these institutions are particularly important when it comes to giving current and former military members access to higher education.

"One key factor to the success of so many community colleges is the offering of specified certifications or technical training," the magazine states. "Veterans find a hands-on, fast-tracked education more appealing than the traditional four- to six-year institution and some leverage the community college experience to eventually transfer to a university."

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