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2013 Headlines

Florida Tech Awards Confers 1,168 Degrees to Students this Past Graduation

Florida Tech University Online - School awards 1,168 degrees to students this past spring 2013 graduation commencement ceremony.

Obama's Budget Proposal Would Boost Cyber Security Funding

Florida Tech Unviersity Online - President Barack Obama's budget proposal for the 2014 fiscal year includes plans to increase funds, bolstering spending on cyber security.

Florida Tech ROTC Student Receives Highest National Award

Florida Tech University Online - ROTC student recieves the George C. Marshall Award, a national award and the highest award for an ROTC cadet.

Harris Institute for Assured Information to Host Renowned Authority in Computer Virus Prevention

Florida Tech University Online - Harris Institute for Assured Information to host renownedaAuthority in computer virus prevention.

Florida Tech Professors Present Dark Side of Dark Lightning

Florida Tech University Online - Researchers at the school are investigating what is being dubbed “dark lightning,”

IT Students and Career Changers Invited to Explore Hillsborough Hackathon 2013

IT students and professionals changing careers are invited to the city of Tampa to explore Hillsborough Hackathon 2013.

Timely Infographic Highlights Supply Chain’s Role in Supporting Space Travel, Asteroid Mining

Florida Institute of Technology - New timely inforgraphic highlight's supply chain's role in supporting space travel.

Florida Tech Heading Effort to Protect Computer Networks from Cyber Attackers

Florida Institute of Technology - School is heading the effort to protect computer networks from threat of cyber attackers.

Software Flaws Continue to Be Issue in Cyber Warfare

Florida Institute of Technology - Software flaws continue to be ongoing issue in battle of cyber warfare.

Increase of Network Intrusions Force Companies To Call for Stronger Cyber Security

Florida Institute of Technology - Companies force to call for stronger cyber security in light of increase in network intrusions.