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IT Students and Career Changers Invited to Explore Hillsborough Hackathon 2013

By University Alliance on April 10, 2013

For students and career changers with an entrepreneurial mindset and an interest in information technology, cyber security or information assurance, the Hillsborough Hackathon will offer a glimpse of emerging industry leaders in action on April 12, 13 and 14th. The Hillsborough Hackathon, taking place in Tampa, Florida, will also provide an opportunity for informal networking, which may provide insight into some of the most sought after careers in IT fields today.

The expansion of the global marketplace has brought with it many fertile opportunities for innovative minds to create the next start-up that may transform 21st century business. Along with rapid technology growth and entrepreneurial drive comes the challenge of keeping large amounts of data secure. Students and professionals who enter Hackathon events are passionate about open sharing of information and creating applications that make democracy at the local level work more effectively. At the same time, these competitors are dedicated to improving their skills in areas such as information technology, cyber security and information assurance.

At the Hillsborough Hackathon, visitors will get a rare look at top talent in action. For students and other career changers, seeing participants in action is a great way to gain exposure to opportunities that exist for clever-minded techies with a penchant for completing coding projects for the common good. Participants in hackathons use public data to write code which focuses on helpful applications to citizens in a community. While the event organizers may provide general guidelines, teams are formed around specific projects. These teams develop apps and compete for prizes and esteemed notoriety among peers; it is a networking event as much as it is a creative coding extravaganza. Top talent will be showcased throughout the Hillsborough event which will also provide exposure that can lead to future professional opportunities.

Professionals interested in advancing their careers in these exciting fields have more options than ever before with 100% online programs and flexible scheduling. Nationally, IT job growth remains strong. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that IT fields, particularly those concerned with data assurance and cyber security will need over 60,000 more professionals by the end of the decade in order to meet growing demands.

The Hillsborough Hackathon will provide an opportunity for the county to gain insight into applications that can better serve citizens while at the same time provide local IT talent a chance to show off their skills. Hackathons allow participants to showcase their talents and in doing so may also encourage investment in cutting-edge start-ups that can help grow the local economy. The popularity of these events is growing and provides the opportunity for creative problem-solvers to address community issues while at the same time providing incredible networking opportunities for a wide range of community constituents.

For students in particular, the event will provide the opportunity to practice entrepreneurial pursuits and develop innovative code that may be used by the entire community immediately after the event. For career changers and others visitors still exploring the industry, the event will allow an opportunity to mingle with professionals established in the field and to learn more about additional career development paths.

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