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How to Become a Project Management Guru

Florida Tech’s Wayne Brantley will present a project management webinar.

By University Alliance on March 25, 2015
Project Management Focus of Florida Tech Webinar

Increasing complexity and globalization in the business environment is driving demand for qualified project management professionals, as corporations seek to gain a competitive edge in a crowded space.

How important is effective project management?

For every $1 billion spent on programs and projects, companies waste $109 million on average “due to poor performance,” according to a February 2015 report by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

But how can aspiring project managers gain the technical knowledge, people skills, business acumen, training and credentials necessary for success?

Florida Institute of Technology instructor Wayne Brantley will discuss how to become a project management leader during an interactive webinar from 2 to 3 p.m. EST April 1, 2015. The webinar, titled More Than a Manager – Become a Project Management Guru, will review key factors such as:

  • Developing techniques for better planning and scheduling
  • Understanding how to utilize best practices for managing a project team
  • Discussing proven ways to maximize efficiency while minimizing risk
  • Gaining the skills to ensure your project meets deadlines and budget

Brantley is an instructor in Florida Tech’s MBA with a specialization in Project Management program, which is available 100% online. A certified Project Management Professional (PMP), he spent more than 25 years as a project manager with the U.S. Air Force and is co-author of the book Project Management ROI: A Step-by-Step Guide for Measuring the Impact and ROI for Projects.

“I feel this webinar is important for students who have been working on projects or are new to project management,” Brantley said. “We know there is a better way to do projects than companies have been doing. They work way too hard to not do it smarter, and I believe this webinar will provide some great tips and thoughts.”

Worldwide, more than 15 million jobs related to project management will be created across industries ranging from information services to finance and insurance between 2010 and 2020, PMI reported in 2013.

Almost 700,000 of those new positions will be in the United States, taking the total number of project management professionals nationwide to 6.1 million by the end of the decade.

“The rapid growth of demand for project management roles and the exceptional salary levels in the profession make the project management profession highly desirable to job seekers,”  according to PMI, a nonprofit industry association.

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