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Mini MBA For-Credit Graduate Certificates

Mini MBA For-Credit Graduate Certificates
Mini MBA For-Credit Graduate Certificates

Advance Your Career with a Mini MBA For-Credit Graduate Certificate 100% Online

Most professionals are very knowledgeable in one critical area. But to be a true leader, they need to have an understanding of all business components. By earning a Mini MBA For-Credit Graduate Certificate from Florida Tech, you’ll explore the Essentials of Business Development 12, gaining vital knowledge that today’s employers seek and learning how to apply it immediately within your current or desired position. You’ll also take two specialized courses, increasing your aptitude and insight into one of five disciplines: Healthcare Management, Information Assurance, Information Technology Management or Management.

With a Mini MBA, each course is the same as those taken by graduate-level students, showing employers that you possess high aptitude and are highly motivated. And while you’ll be earning this career-building credential 100% online, you’ll be receiving your certificate from a respected, regionally accredited, U.S. News-ranked university. Realize your potential and take a step toward a better future today…and should you ever decide to pursue a Florida Tech MBA, with your for-credit Mini MBA you’re already 1/3 of the way there!


Mini MBA For-Credit Graduate Certificates

Mini MBA Healthcare Management

The Mini MBA with a Specialization in Healthcare Management explores business principles and practices beneficial to successful healthcare administration. Discover how operations with a healthcare facility work together, and gain a solid understanding of healthcare policy.

Mini MBA Information Technology Management

The right skills can prepare you to play a role in the implementation and administration of technology in your organization. The Mini MBA with a Specialization in Information Technology Management gives you the tools to explore organizational impact, globalization, privacy issues and more.

Mini MBA Management

With the Mini MBA with a Specialization in Management, you will learn to apply the key analytics, leadership and management skills necessary to meet and exceed complex business objectives. You will gain the critical concepts, tools and techniques to master organizational behavior.