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Mini MBA Information Technology Management Degree

Mini MBA Information Technology Management

All businesses rely on technology and the expertise of highly skilled information technology (IT) managers. But with technology affecting everything from accounting to marketing, it’s important that IT professionals acquire business knowledge outside their conventional skill set. A Mini MBA For-Credit Graduate Certificate with a specialization in Information Technology Management may be just what you need to get ahead in this increasingly competitive, digital age. Yahoo! has cited IT-related positions as one of their 5 Fastest Growing Careers That Pay, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects job prospects to be excellent, with a 30% increase in positions through 2018. Attaining this prestigious credential demonstrates a commitment to your career, setting you apart from your colleagues and setting yourself up for advancement. Not only does the Mini MBA program provide specialized courses in IT, it also gives you a strong foundation of the core business principles every true leader must know. And, unlike some IT certificate programs, you’ll master the same curricula as graduate-level students, completing your studies in as little as eight months – 100% online.

Apply Real-World Skills Beyond the Classroom

When you invest in your future, you expect returns. That’s why Florida Tech’s Mini MBA programs are designed to give you knowledge and skills that you can put to use immediately on the job. At the core of the curriculum is a comprehensive, two-course sequence, Essentials of Business Development 1 and 2.

These initial courses, led by expert faculty, culminate in your own fully integrated business plan. You’ll have the opportunity to choose your business and progressively bring your plan to fruition through critical business concepts from accounting and finance to economics and marketing. You’ll gain new insights into real business situations by actively engaging in case study analysis and exercising leadership and teamwork skills. From there, you’ll delve deeper into your IT management focus, exploring emerging technologies, organizational impact, globalization and more.

Don’t just get an information technology certificate – get a Mini MBA with a specialization in Information Technology Management from Florida Tech, 100% online. Click here to learn more about Florida Tech’s Mini MBA curriculum and to view course descriptions.

Learn How to

  • Integrate concepts, methods and models from all key business disciplines (accounting, economics, marketing, statistics, management, finance and law) into a full business plan tailored to your interests and ambitions
  • Apply modern theories of successful leadership, management and negotiation while problem solving in the face of uncertainty
  • Foresee obstacles and opportunities within the global environment and gain a better understanding of ethical, social and cultural considerations
  • Synthesize conflicting points of view through active case discussion
  • Identify issues of security and privacy, and the importance of data management and retrieval systems
  • Interpret government policies and regulations, and discover advances in emerging technologies

How You’ll Benefit From a Mini MBA with a Specialization in IT Management

  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of high-level business concepts needed for management and leadership positions
  • Revitalize your resume and stand apart from those with only a bachelor’s degree
  • Boost your potential for higher salaries, signing bonuses and other attractive perks.
  • Gain skills you can apply immediately in the workplace
  • Use your Mini MBA credits toward a Florida Tech MBA in the future

Who Should Enroll

The Mini MBA is designed to expose you to a variety of subjects pertaining to business, from accounting and finance to economics and marketing. Students will begin to see the “bigger picture,” gaining an appreciation of how all operations within a company work together to accomplish a common goal. Students will also study management information systems and global IT management.

If you’re ready to explore new career paths or move up from your current position by gaining a broader business perspective, this dynamic program can help get you there. These graduate-level courses (the same studied by students pursuing their MBA) demonstrate your desire to succeed, and provide skills that are highly sought-after by a number of professionals, including:

  • IT Managers and Analysts with a desire to get ahead in their field
  • IT Systems Security and Database Administrators wanting to advance by meeting the complex technological and business challenges facing them
  • IT Consultants wanting to increase their value to clients – and their asking price
  • Other Business Professionals looking to gain a broader perspective or enter the IT field
  • Business Owners/Entrepreneurs needing to increase their business skills and their understanding of information technology