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BUS 5657 Advanced Market Research

Course Description

Advanced Market Research examines the consumer decision-making processes and behavior through the application of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Includes problem identification, secondary research, data gathering, analysis, interpretation and report writing.

Week 1

Lecture: Overview of the Research Process


  • Describe the philosophy behind marketing research and its importance as a tool
  • Explain how simple or complex this tool can be in its use in creating customer profiles or understanding customer motivations
  • Identify the components of the four phases of the research process
  • Discuss open-ended questions

Week 2

Lecture: Primary and Secondary Research
Lecture: Regression and ANOVA


  • Distinguish between secondary and primary research
  • Discuss the importance of secondary and primary research
  • Explain how to set up a focus group and how it can be useful
  • Describe the challenges of maintaining internal validity when customers may not even understand their own motivations
  • Identify some techniques to reveal these hidden motivations
  • Recognize the role of database marketing in customer profile creation
  • Discuss the research objectives as a paramount to success
  • Explain how to write regression and what its components mean
  • Recognize the importance of a theory
  • Distinguish between random and systematic error
  • Explain the complexities of maintaining internal validity
  • Distinguish between an experiment and a nonexperiment survey
  • Describe sampling design and the importance of having a representative sample
  • Discuss open-ended questions

Week 3

Lecture: Constructs and Survey Designs


  • Explain the concept of measurement
  • Discuss the role of clear conceptual development
  • Distinguish between beliefs, attitudes and intentions
  • Identify the properties of a scale
  • Distinguish between types of scales
  • Create a Likert-type, Bipolar scale and nominal scale
  • Explain how to create a survey
  • Discuss open-ended questions

Week 4

Lecture: Survey and Scenarios


  • Create a Likert-type, Bipolar scale and nominal scale
  • Explain how to create a survey
  • Distinquish between beliefs, attitudes, and intentions
  • Discuss open-ended questions
  • Create and critique a survey

Week 5

Lecture: Data Analysis


  • Explain how to organize data
  • Explain how to clean and analyze data
  • Create meaning and ask better research questions
  • Explain how to use SPSS
  • Explain the concept of significant differences
  • Discuss the meaning of dispersion
  • Distinguish between univariate and multivariate analysis

Week 6

Lecture: The Rule of SPSS


  • Explain the components of a results section
  • Discuss the order and way to present a results section

Week 7

Lecture: Report Writing


  • Explain how to write succinctly and persuasively
  • Use theory and secondary research to support their ideas

Week 8

Lecture: The Result of a Paper


  • Gain experience in interpreting data and then drawing implications from this data for managerial decisions

The course description, objectives and learning outcomes are subject to change without notice based on enhancements made to the course. January 2012