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BUS 5658 Healthcare Planning and Marketing

Course Description

Discusses and applies the concepts of healthcare planning and marketing to healthcare delivery, assessment of community needs and resource planning in both ambulatory and clinical settings. Includes health services planning and trends, demand for and use of health services, research methods and sources of marketing and planning data.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to

  • Discuss healthcare planning regulations
  • Define the differences between marketing and healthcare marketing
  • Discuss Certificate of Need
  • Define the requirements for federally qualified health centers
  • Explore the issues surrounding needs assessment
  • Define approaches and techniques of health services research
  • Discuss legislative advocacy and community coalition building
  • Discuss ways to market healthcare organizations
  • Examine healthcare consumers and behaviors
  • Define best practices for marketing healthcare products and services

Week 1

Lecture: Course Introduction and an Overview of Healthcare Planning
Lecture: Certificate of Need


  • Define key terms
  • Utilize effectively the major concepts and propositions of healthcare planning
  • Outline the steps necessary for effective healthcare planning
  • Describe the principal tools used by healthcare planners
  • Utilize basic healthcare planning concepts in decision-making
  • Explain certificate of need and its importance to the healthcare organization
  • Outline the certificate of need process
  • Discuss effectively the certificate of need process

Week 2

Lecture: Federally Qualified Health Centers
Lecture: Need Assessment
Lecture: Assessing Community Health Needs
Lecture: Research for Planning and Marketing


  • Define federally qualified health clinic
  • Discuss the data sources for needs assessment
  • Explain the demand for and the utilization of health services
  • Define the ways to communicate need for community action
  • Explain critical partnership
  • Understand how to create and maintain relationships with other health-related groups
  • Discuss the approaches to be used to ensure that performance targets are realistic
  • Analyze the techniques to be used to ensure the needs of disparate population groups or competing health issues are considered in the needs assessment process

Week 3

Lecture: Determining and Developing Solutions
Lecture: Effective Program Policy Solutions


  • Explain the concepts of the legislative advocacy
  • Understand the concept of community coalition building
  • Explain how to assemble a needs assessment team
  • Discuss how to effectively use the needs assessment team

Week 4

Lecture: Healthcare Marketing Challenges and Evolution
Lecture: Marketing and the Healthcare Organization


  • Describe the challenges of healthcare marketing
  • Understand why healthcare marketing is different
  • Discuss why we have healthcare marketing
  • Understand the evolution of healthcare marketing
  • Explain the marketing principles
  • Analyze the factors affecting the adoption of healthcare marketing
  • Discuss the stages of healthcare marketing

Week 5

Lecture: Business Planning


  • Understand the business planning process
  • Explain the presentation of a business plan

Week 6

Lecture: The Nature of Healthcare Markets
Lecture: Healthcare Consumers and Consumer Behavior
Lecture: Healthcare Products and Services


  • Discuss marketing definition
  • Explain profiling of healthcare markets
  • Explain evaluation of market areas
  • Understand the definition of the healthcare consumer
  • Discuss the definition of the characteristics of healthcare consumers
  • Understand the healthcare consumer decision making process
  • Discuss healthcare products
  • Explain how products are defined in healthcare

Week 7

Lecture: Marketing Strategies
Lecture: Emerging Marketing Techniques


  • Define marketing strategy
  • Explain the strategic planning process
  • Discuss branding as a strategy
  • Discuss promotional categories
  • Understand media options
  • Discuss marketing techniques
  • Describe case studies
  • Analyze the steps in the budgeting process

Week 8

Lecture: Marketing Plan


  • Discuss the marketing budget
  • Describe the components of a marketing department
  • Analyze the marketing management process
  • Explain the relationship of marketing research and healthcare decision making
  • Understand the steps in the marketing research process
  • Discuss the marketing plan
  • Analyze the evaluation plan

The course description, objectives and learning outcomes are subject to change without notice based on enhancements made to the course. November 2011