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BUS 5661 Strategic Project Management

Course Description

Covers the role of project management in a business or corporate environment. Teaches how to achieve project goals and objectives within set constraints, such as time and budget.

Week 1

Lecture: Course Introduction and Welcome
Lecture: Project Management Concepts and Project Needs or Solutions


  • Discuss the foundational project management knowledge
  • Draft project definitions
  • Develop project objectives
  • Create Statement of Work
  • Operate Microsoft Project 2013 to create a project plan and enter task details

Week 2

Lecture: Organizing Projects


  • Discuss the different types of organizational structures
  • Choose which organizational structure is best for various situations
  • Use Microsoft Project 2013, establish people, equipment, material, and cost resources

Week 3

Lecture: Planning Projects
Lecture: Interview on Planning Projects


  • Create a work breakdown structure
  • Discuss linear responsibility charts
  • Assess potential project pitfalls and formulate solutions
  • Identify solutions to improve interactions among multidisciplinary project teams
  • Use Microsoft Project 2013, assign work, material, and cost resources to tasks

Week 4

Lecture: Establishing Project Schedules
Lecture: Interview on Budgeting Projects


  • Discuss strategies for estimating budgets
  • Create network diagrams
  • Develop project schedules

Week 5

Lecture: Estimating and Allocating Resources


  • Identify skills needed for a project
  • Estimate work effort required for a project
  • Plan resource assignments for a project
  • Develop Cause and Effect Diagrams
  • Use Microsoft Project 2013, apply a task calendar to an individual task and explore resource allocations and identify over-allocated resources

Week 6

Lecture: Effective Project Manager and Team


  • Develop personal characteristics that suit project-management duties
  • Build trusting employee-manager relationships
  • Identify stakeholder lists
  • Create project teams with high levels of responsibility and accountability

Week 7

Lecture: Tracking, Communicating and Documenting Project Progress


  • Design effective project monitoring and controlling systems
  • Explain the importance of communicating project progress
  • Produce effective written communication

Week 8

Lecture: Managing Risk and Closing Projects


  • Evaluate a risk’s likelihood and impact
  • Produce risk identification statements and plans
  • Plan for project evaluations throughout the life of a project
  • Conduct effective and appropriate project terminations

The course description, objectives and learning outcomes are subject to change without notice based on enhancements made to the course. May 2016