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MGT 5002 Corporate Finance

Course Description

Covers concepts and tools of corporate financial management including corporate financial planning, forecasting, budgeting, quantitative techniques and practices. Considers the importance of ethics and the international aspects in financial decision-making.

Week 1

Lecture: Course Introduction
Lecture: Introduction

Week 2

Lecture: Time Value of Money - Bonds and Their Valuations

Week 3

Lecture: Financial Statements and Analysis

Week 4

Lecture: The Financial Environment

Week 5

Lecture: Time Value of Money - Bonds and Their Valuation
Lecture: Risk and Rate of Return

Week 6

Lecture: Common and Preferred Stock

Week 7

Lecture: Cost of Capital - Basics of Capital Budgeting

Week 8

Lecture: Advanced Capital Budgeting Tools - Capital Budgeting Issues

The course description, objectives and learning outcomes are subject to change without notice based on enhancements made to the course. March 2012