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MGT 5115 Global Information Technology Management

Course Description

Covers theory, development and impacts of national and international policy on IT. Explores how frequent shifts in public policy require IT businesses to adjust rapidly to adhere to regulations. Students will develop sophisticated strategies to be able to adapt to the changing environment including new technologies, global transfer and analysis.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to

  • Develop an understanding of public policy and how it impacts IT from a business and development standpoint
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform analyses related to trade policy, standards, domestic and international regulatory policy, and the impacts of changes in policy on the IT structure of a business
  • Describe an example of: (1) a public policy that had a positive impact on IT, and (2) a public policy that had a negative impact on IT
  • Discuss the current trends in the global IT arena ranging from technology, hardware, policy, software, and available services including out-sourcing
  • Define the activities and tools required to develop a sophisticated national and international strategy for IT
  • List and describe three available tools to assist business organizations in the development of competitive strategy
  • Understand how international and developing markets play an ever-changing role in IT; and integrate that understanding into an existing strategy to develop reasonable estimates of the effect of new products, services and vendors
  • Describe an example of the effect of an emerging market on global IT competition
  • Using case study models, demonstrate an understanding of national and international corporate IT polices and strategy; analyze their strengths, weaknesses and what-if scenarios; and make improvement recommendations, and be able to justify them
  • Develop three individual case studies and participate in the development of one group case study

Week 1

Lecture: Course Introduction
Lecture: Sun Tzu

Week 2

Lecture: Porter's 5 Forces
Lecture: Delta Model

Week 3

Lecture: Value Chains
Lecture: Cellular Phone Industry

Week 4

Lecture: Structural Analysis
Lecture: Technology and Competition

Week 5

Lecture: Strategy Development
Lecture: Policy Impact

Week 6

Lecture: Strategy Implementation

Week 7

Lecture: Special Situations
Lecture: Global Competition

Week 8

Lecture: Course Summary

The course description, objectives and learning outcomes are subject to change without notice based on enhancements made to the course. November 2011