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MGT 5159 Introduction to Database Administration

Course Description

This course expands upon basic knowledge of database administration to support the managing of today’s complex systems. The course covers basic concepts, processes, and procedures associated with administering a database system. Students are provided an overview of managing, configuring, and maintaining databases such as assigning roles and responsibilities, developing backup and recovery modes, addressing security issues, and tuning performance.

Course Objectives

  • Know the basics of database administration functions
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a database administrator
  • Know how to develop policies and procedures for database documentation
  • Know how database tools are used to evaluate performance
  • Know the roles and responsibilities of a database administrator
  • Identify the database server architecture
  • Describe optimization schemas and the proper use of data structures
  • Understand how to configure, manage, and maintain a database system
  • Know database functions in support of security, backup, and recovery

The course description, objectives and learning outcomes are subject to change without notice based on enhancements made to the course. December 2015