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Master's Degrees

Master's Degrees
Master's Degrees

7 Master's Degrees

Cutting edge fields need a university on the cutting edge. From systems development to information security management, logistics management to analytics and organizational leadership to supply chain management, a nationally recognized master's degree from Florida Tech can prepare you for the unique challenges facing businesses today. In addition to learning the fundamental business applications that every successful leader must know, you’ll gain specialized knowledge in critical areas such as information assurance and cybersecurity, information technologydatabase administrationsupply chain management, organizational leadership and enterprise resource planning. These innovative programs meet the job market's demands for qualified professionals with technology, process improvement, business and leadership expertise. These master's degrees can have you poised for success in one of today’s most dynamic, in-demand disciplines. View our available online programs below.


Master's Degree Programs

MS Information Assurance and Cybersecurity

Designed for professionals with technical backgrounds, the Master of Science in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity delves right into the discipline on day one. The program will prepare you to recognize threats and vulnerabilities, analyze attack models and forensics, evaluate security systems, and implement security strategies.

MA Organizational Leadership

Integrating the science of leadership with the development of critical competencies, the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership provides the expertise desired across disciplines and industries. Designed for current and aspiring leaders, the curriculum will prepare students to navigate multifaceted business challenges.

MS Information Technology

With the Master of Science in Information Technology, you will discover how to implement and adapt to emerging technologies that are changing business – and the world. This degree can help prepare you to lead an IT department or oversee the technological strategic direction of an entire organization. In this program, you will also have the opportunity to lead complex projects and explore developing information systems as strategic tools. 

MS Information Technology/Cybersecurity

Focused on strengthening your technical and business expertise, the Master of Science in Information Technology with a Specialization in Cybersecurity will equip you with the knowledge needed to implement security strategies and protect an organization’s information and technology assets in the public and private sectors.

MS Information Technology/Database Administration

As data becomes all important, you’ll gain wide-ranging knowledge of database administration to support the design and implementation of today’s complex systems. In addition to gaining knowledge of information systems, project management and technology management, with the Master of Science in Information Technology with a Specialization in Database Administration you'll also explore detailed topics such as performance, optimization, security and scalability in the database environment.  

MS Information Technology/Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a critical component of an organization's information technology infrastructure that can drive business analytics, human resource management, supply chain management, customer relationship management and more. With the Master of Science in Information Technology with a Specialization in Enterprise Resource Planning program, you will learn all about these systems by experiencing and understanding how business processes use ERP software and how they improve operations and productivity.

MS Supply Chain Management

The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (SCM) examines principles of world-class SCM and demonstrates how to implement strategies that impact profitability in today’s interconnected global economy. You will also learn to manage the flow of materials, develop logistics strategies and merge transportation policies with production and marketing tactics.