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Associate's Degrees

Associate's Degrees
Associate's Degrees

The Many Benefits of Associate’s Degrees

Earning an associate's degree online can be a flexible way for you to move toward advancing your career or achieving your personal goals. When you enroll in an associate's degree program, you can graduate in as few as 20 months. Since this is a much shorter time commitment than is generally needed to complete a bachelor's program, it's a great first step that earns you an industry-respected credential.


Associate Degree Programs

AA Accounting

The Associate of Arts in Accounting can prepare you for a variety of accounting careers in business, government and not-for-profit organizations. Explore the theory and practice of financial accounting, managerial accounting, cost accounting, accounting information systems and tax, as well as a broad knowledge of a range of business disciplines.

AA Applied Psychology

Combining liberal arts education and a scientific approach to understanding human behavior, the Associate of Arts in Applied Psychology will give you the skills and knowledge that are in-demand in fields such as psychology, sociology, business, legal studies and counseling. You’ll identify principles of effective research, critical thinking and personal development. 

AA Aviation Management

Gain knowledge of the aviation and aeronautics industries through a career-oriented curriculum that includes coursework in aviation planning and safety, and air transportation management. This non-flight program covers the fundamentals of aviation and best business practices.

AA Business Administration

The Associate of Arts in Business Administration provides business education for students interested in understanding the working nature of business in a global, competitive environment. It includes a broad overview of the functional areas of business, as well as an opportunity to develop interpersonal and professional skills needed to enter and advance in a private or public sector organization.

AA Criminal Justice

Earning your Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice will strengthen your knowledge in a vast range of disciplines including science, criminology, statistics and more. Whether you are interested in law enforcement, homeland security, forensics, court administration or social services, the field of criminal justice offers a variety of career paths for qualified professionals. 

AA Healthcare Management

The Associate of Arts in Healthcare Management provides the foundation needed for entry-level careers in the healthcare industry. You will explore fundamentals of topics such as healthcare organizations, managed care and medical ethics, and gain a broad knowledge of multiple business disciplines. 

AA Liberal Arts

If you are undecided on a specific discipline of study, the Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts is a good choice because it provides a solid educational foundation. The curriculum exposes you to a broad range of subjects, including the natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, the arts, religion and philosophy. 

AA Management

The Associate of Arts in Management provides the foundational knowledge necessary for a management role in the private or public sector. Explore business and leadership concepts, as well as the analytical and technical aspects of managing a team or department.

AA Marketing

In the Associate of Arts in Marketing program, you will examine the basics of the marketing of goods, services and ideas, advertising marketing and entrepreneurial marketing. Covered topics can prepare you for entry-level positions in marketing for a wide range of organizations and across many business environments. 

AS Computer Information Systems

The Associate of Science in Computer Information Systems (CIS) degree program offers a broad base of technical knowledge combined with a strong liberal arts foundation. You will receive an introduction to CIS concepts and practices including systems analysis, programming and electronic commerce.