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Associate of Arts in Business Administration Curriculum

Program Credits
Core and Major Education 55
Restricted and Free Electives 6
Total 61

Florida Tech’s Associate’s of Arts in Business Administration degree program gives you a broad introduction to business administration through a selection of online courses from accounting, economics, law and management. It will provide you with a basic academic foundation and the intellectual skills needed to complete a bachelor’s degree in the future. Below is a complete listing of Florida Tech’s AA in Business Administration programs, online courses and college credits.

AA Business Administration Courses

Program Core and Major Education Credits
ASC 1006 Mastering eLearning
Requirement for all Florida Tech University Online students
BUS 1801 Global Business
  Computers (choose one) 3
CIS 1130 Basic Computer Skills  
CIS 1140 Business Computer Skills  
   Composition (Dependent on Placement Test Score) 3
WRI 1001 Writing 2
Requirement: Scores lower than 30 on placement test and prerequisite course (WRI 1000) 
COM 1101 Composition and Rhetoric
Requirement: Scores greater than 30 placement test
COM 1102 Writing About Literature
Prerequisite: COM 1101
COM 2000+ Select one 2000-level (or higher) communications course 3
EAC 2211 Principles of Accounting 1 3
EAC 2212 Principles of Accounting 2
Prerequisite: EAC 2211
EEC 2303 Introduction to Macroeconomics
Prerequisite: MTH 1000 or MTH 1001 or MTH 1701 or MTH 1702
EEC 2304 Introduction to Microeconomics
Prerequisite: MTH 1000 or MTH 1001 or MTH 1701 or MTH 1702
ELA 2601 Law 1 3
EMG 3301 Principles of Management
Requirements: Successful completion of 30 credit hours and second-year standing
Prerequisite: COM 1102
EST 2703 Statistics
Prerequisite: MTH 1000 or MTH 1001 or MTH 1701 or MTH 1702
HUM 2051 Civilization 1: Ancient Through Medieval
Prerequisite: COM 1102
    Humanities Core Course Elective (Choose One) 3
HUM 2052 Civilization 2: Renaissance Through Modern
Prerequisite: COM 1102
HUM 2226 Survey of World Literature 2
Prerequisite: COM 1102 
MTH 1000+ Select one 1000-level (or higher) math course 3
MTH 1701 College Algebra
Requirement: Passing grade on the placement test or prerequisite course (MTH 0111)
  Physical/Life Sciences 6
EDS 1021 General Physical Science  
EDS 1022 General Biological Science  
Total Core and Major Education Credits 55


Program Restricted Electives Credits
  Social Sciences (choose one) 3
CRM 1000 Introduction to Criminal

Requirement: Computer Literacy is Mandatory
CRM 2320 Drugs, Crime and Society
Prerequisite: CRM 1000
PSY 1411 Introduction to Psychology  
SOC 1101 Human Behavior Perspective  
SOC 1102 Global Perspectives  
SOC 2551 Social Problems  
  Humanities (choose one) 3
HUM 1015 Mythology  
HUM 1021 Integrated Arts  
HUM 1023 Philosophy of Human Nature  
HUM 1024 Religions of the World 1: Western Religions  
HUM 3275 Contemporary Literature
Prerequisites: HUM 2051 and HUM 2052
Total Restricted and Free Elective Credits 6

All courses are subject to change. Please consult the official Florida Institute of Technology catalog for the most current information.