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Bachelor's Degrees

Bachelor's Degrees
Bachelor's Degrees

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree That Lives Up to Your Standards

Studies consistently prove the many benefits of pursuing higher education. From earning more money to increased job security, earning your bachelor’s degree online can offer endless rewards.

At Florida Tech, you can be sure your time and money are well spent. You’ll be part of a dynamic learning community that’s internationally respected for its comprehensive curriculum, unyielding innovation and distinguished faculty.


Bachelor Degree Programs

BA Accounting

The Bachelor of Arts in Accounting provides depth of knowledge in the theory and practice of financial and managerial accounting and business law, and a basic knowledge of auditing accounting information systems and tax. This accounting major can prepare you for careers in a variety of business, government and not-for-profit organizations. 

BA Applied Psychology

In addition to expanding your knowledge of behavioral theories, the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology curriculum introduces how to effectively identify, understand and develop practical solutions to problems facing today’s organizations. This degree program allows you to choose electives from four popular concentrations, including Child Advocacy, Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology and Organizational Psychology.

BA Applied Psychology Child Advocacy

Develop a foundation of theory and practice for a career in child advocacy with the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology with a Concentration in Child Advocacy. You will cultivate the skills required of child advocates, who serve in such roles as youth counselor, victim advocate, child development specialist and child welfare specialist.

BA Applied Psychology Clinical Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology with a Concentration in Clinical Psychology will help you gain a better understanding of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders, along with an introduction to the causes, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. You’ll explore the biological bases of human behavior, including treatment of nervous system anatomy and physiology, and determine how to assess, manage and resolve crisis and conflict situations.

BA Applied Psychology Forensic Psychology

Built on a liberal arts foundation, the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology with a Concentration in Forensic Psychology culminates with an overview of the major concepts, principles and practices of psychology and their intersection with the law. Your forensic psychology studies will prepare you to approach human behavior from the perspectives of sociological, psychological, criminological and other interdisciplinary theories.

BA Applied Psychology Organizational Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology with a Concentration in Organizational Psychology examines the challenges facing the workplace today, specifically the ways in which efficiency and job satisfaction impact the individual, the organization and our culture. This comprehensive curriculum explores the interrelated issues of management, employee recruitment, selection and promotion, training and development and organizational effectiveness.

BA Aviation Management

In addition to providing foundational business and management theory, the Bachelor of Arts in Aviation Management curriculum includes non-flight aviation courses covering a wide range of topics. These offer a comprehensive look at aviation safety, law, operations and more.

BA Business Administration Accounting

If you’re interested in business and have an affinity for numbers – but don’t necessarily want to be an accountant – consider the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a Specialization in Accounting. You will practice the fundamentals of cost accounting, master the principles and procedures of internal and public auditing and learn the practical application of tax laws, including tax return preparation and tax research. 

BA Business Administration Computer Information Systems

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a Specialization in Computer Information Systems focuses on the technical knowledge, skill sets and best practices necessary to compete in today’s ever-changing technology arena. In addition to broad-based liberal arts and business classes, you will study computer languages, programming, network theory and design, systems analysis and design, and information resource management. 

BA Business Administration Healthcare Management

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a Specialization in Healthcare Management combines basic and advanced courses in the various business disciplines with more focused study in the area of healthcare management. It includes foundational instruction in the areas of healthcare organizations, managed care and medical ethics, as well as advanced topics such as community health evaluation, quality improvement methods, health planning and policy management.

BA Business Administration Management

Gain a well-rounded background in all aspects of operating a domestic or international business with the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a Specialization in Management. The overall curriculum of the management major reflects a balance of theory and practice with emphasis on critical thinking, ethical decision-making, problem-solving, leadership and other business-related skills.

BA Business Administration Marketing

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a Specialization in Marketing combines a broad-based business education with analytical, decision-making and problem-solving techniques used in global marketing, marketing ethics and managing the marketing function. The marketing major focuses on marketing activities such as product and service development, research, planning, distribution channels, logistics and transportation, sales promotion, sales, pricing strategy, advertising and public relations.  

BA Criminal Justice

Do you see yourself working for the FBI or CIA? A Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice along with experience, tenure and involvement in extracurricular activities and organizations are important qualifications for employment with various local, state and federal agencies. This degree program also provides a foundation for graduate study in criminal justice administration and related fields, including law.

BA Criminal Justice Homeland Security

Combine two in-demand fields into one distinguished degree with the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice With a Concentration in Homeland Security. You will explore foundational criminal justice topics, such as investigation and the legal system, as well as specialized subjects like terrorism, infrastructure protection and border security.

BS Computer Information Systems

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (CIS) provides the solid foundation of technical skills, business knowledge and computing technologies necessary to design, develop and implement business solutions for today's complex systems. Gain comprehensive coverage of CIS concepts, theories and practices in key technology-driven areas of programming languages, database and software systems, network theory and design, decision analysis, Internet and Web applications and systems analysis and design. 

BA Management

The Bachelor of Arts in Management balances practice and theory, with an emphasis on business-related competencies such as problem-solving and decision-making. Professionals can gain the knowledge and training to lead organizations.

HR Administration Minor

Students enrolled in any bachelor’s degree program can add a Human Resources Administration Minor. This program emphasizes leadership skills and builds proficiency in organizational effectiveness, selection and placement, training and development and compensation and benefits.