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Human Resources Administration Minor Curriculum

Program Credits
Core and Major Education 12
Restricted and Free Electives 6
Total 18

Florida Tech’s Minor in Human Resources Administration degree program provides you with a broad introduction to the field of human resources through a selection of human resources classes from staffing, training, benefits and labor legislation. Below is a complete listing of Florida Tech’s online human resources administration classes, programs and college credits.

Human Resources Administration Minor Classes

Program Core and Major Education Credits
EMG 3331 Management of Human Resources
Prerequisite: EMG 3301
EHR 3335 Selection and Placement
Prerequisite: EMG 3331
EHR 3340 Training and Development
Prerequisite: EMG 3331
EHR 3360 Compensation and Benefits
Prerequisite: EMG 3331
Total Core and Major Education Credits 12


Program Restricted and Free Electives Credits
  Electives (Choose Two) 6
ELA 2603 Administrative and Personnel Law
Prerequisite: ELA 2601
EMG 3328 Business Ethics
Prerequisite: COM 1102
EMG 3398 Organization Theory
Prerequisite: EMG 3301
EMG 4412 Organizational Behavior and Development
Prerequisite: EMG 3301
PSF 4106 Crisis and Conflict Resolution
Prerequisite: CRM 3406
PSY 3441 Social Psychology  
Total Restricted and Free Elective Credits 6

All courses are subject to change. Please consult the official Florida Institute of Technology catalog for the most current information.