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ASC 1006 Mastering eLearning

Course Description

Helps students new to Florida Tech and online learning to adjust to the university and acquire essential academic and administrative survival skills (online classroom behavior, academic honesty, study skills, etc.) that enhance academic integration into college.

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate mastery of the use of the online classroom
  • Understand the procedures for registering, attending and withdrawing from courses
  • Evaluate and apply time management principles
  • Complete the math and communications diagnostic assessments
  • Discuss and describe Florida Tech’s policy on plagiarism and academic honesty
  • Evaluate the different learning styles and assess which is the student’s learning style
  • Locate and apply resources available to Florida Tech online students
  • Understand and apply the degree evaluation process (CAPP)

Week 1

Topic: Explore the Classroom and Get Acquainted
Video: The History of Florida Tech


  • Navigate the classroom
  • Email your instructor and classmates from within the classroom
  • Initiate a message and respond to classmates on the discussion board
  • Determine the skills that you can apply to your new college experience

Week 2

Topic: Discover Tips for Success and Manage Your Time
Lecture: Time Management


  • Evaluate the time you have available to keep up with the work required of you in this program
  • Determine how you will balance the stresses of your personal, work, and school lives
  • Add an attachment to a discussion board post

Week 3

Topic: Getting Prepared For Your Future Courses
Lecture: Goals


  • Complete the communication diagnostic assessment
  • Determine your personal goals and create an action plan for achieving them

Week 4

Topic: Getting Prepared For Your Future Courses


  • Complete the E-LEARN Workshop to determine the types of resources available in the Evans Library
  • Construct references in RefWorks
  • Define and describe the consequences of plagiarism
  • Define and describe the importance of academic integrity

Week 5

Topic: How Do You Learn Best?
Lecture: Math Diagnostic Assessment
Lecture: Math Review
Video: Learning Styles


  • Complete the Math Diagnostic Assessment
  • Complete a learning style questionnaire to identify your learning preference

Week 6

Topic: The Road to Success


  • Submit an assignment to Turnitin

Week 7

Topic: Become an Active and Effective Student


  • Explore the SQ5R method of reading
  • Estimate time and plan ahead to complete assignments
  • Identify and locate resources available to you on the Access Florida Tech website and within the course site

Week 8

Topic: To Graduation and Beyond


  • Complete a course or mini-module provided by Financial Avenue workshop to discover ways you can manage your personal finances
  • Navigate to your PAWS account through Access Florida Tech. Generate a degree evaluation (CAPP) to determine what courses you need to complete your major

The course description, objectives and learning outcomes are subject to change without notice based on enhancements made to the course. April 2015