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CIS 2502 Programming in C++

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to

  • Demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of the procedure-oriented language C/C++ to include using programming logic, coding, testing, and debugging
  • Develop programs in C/C++ that will perform interactive input operations, simple customized screen output, and file operations

Week 1

Lecture: Introduction to C++ Programming
Lecture: C++ vs. Java
Lecture: C++ Basics


  • Be introduced to the C++ Programming language
  • Understand the semantic and syntax differences between C++ and Java
  • Identify and use C++ data types
  • Declare and use variables and assignments
  • Understand expressions and operators
  • Implement a simple flow of control

Week 2

Module: Booleans & Loops


  • Implement boolean expressions
  • Utilize if and if-else statements
  • Understand how to compare data
  • Implement basic loops

Week 3

Module: Procedural Abstraction


  • Understand Top-Down design
  • Implement  predefined functions
  • Understand procedural abstraction
  • Recognize the difference between local and global variables

Week 4

Lecture: Functions & Testing
Lecture: Input & Output


  • Implement void functions
  • Understand reference variables
  • Utilize procedural abstraction
  • Understand the basics of testing and debugging
  • Understand basic streams and file I/O
  • Utilize tools for streaming I/O
  • Implement Character I/O

Week 5

Lecture: Arrays
Lecture: Strings & Visitors


  • Implement Character Strings
  • Implement standard library strings
  • Implement vectors

Week 6

Lecture: Pointers and Dynamic Arrays
Lecture: Defining Classes


  • Implement and use pointers
  • Recognize the difference between local and global variables
  • Implement dynamic arrays
  • Understand the structure and framework of custom classes
  • Implement abstract data types
  • Differentiate between public and private variables
  • Understand how inheritance works

Week 7

Lecture: Friends, Overloaded Operators, and Array in Classes
Lecture: Namespaces


  • Understand what friend functions are
  • Implement const functions
  • Overload operators
  • Understand namespaces and the using directive
  • Implement a namespace
  • Understand how qualifying names works

Week 8

Lecture: Data Structures


  • Understand how data structures are built
  • Implement linked lists
  • Implement stacks
  • Implement queues

The course description, objectives and learning outcomes are subject to change without notice based on enhancements made to the course.