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COM 2224 Business Professional Writing

Course Description

This course is designed for the future business professional. It includes business research methods, report writing, business correspondence and communication in the workplace, and covers analytical, informational, routine and special reports.

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to help business students apply effective business writing principles and compose correctly formatted letters, memos, e-mails, and reports. By the end of this course, the students should also be able to create and deliver well-organized business presentations, write résumés and cover letters that are tailored to specific job openings, and work in teams with diverse members.

Week 1

Lecture: Understanding Business Communication


  • Describe the components of communication
  • Identify the common forms of written and oral communication
  • Explain the directions that make up the formal communication network
  • Describe the characteristics of the grapevine
  • Identify the major verbal and nonverbal barriers to communication
Lecture: Contemporary Issues in Business Communication


  • Communicate effectively in small groups
  • Communicate effectively with diverse populations both internationally and within the United States
  • Communicate ethically
  • Communicate effectively via email

Week 2

Lecture: Interpersonal Communication Skills


  • Explain the meaning and importance of nonverbal messages
  • Listen effectively in business situations
  • Use the telephone effectively
  • Plan, conduct, and participate in a business meeting
Lecture: Planning the Report and Managing Data


  • Evaluate the quality of data already available
  • Collect and evaluate data on the Internet
  • Develop a questionnaire and cover letter
  • Construct tables and charts
  • Interpret data for the report reader
Lecture: Writing Proposals


  • Define basic terminology related to proposal writing
  • Distinguish between different types of proposals
  • Determine an appropriate proposal structure and organization
  • Draft the proposal body and supplementary pages
  • Revise, format, and proofread the proposal

Week 3

Lecture: The Writing Process


  • Analyze the audience for messages
  • Plan the purpose, content, and organization of messages
  • Compose the first draft of messages
  • Revise messages for content, style, and correctness
  • Format and proofread documents
Lecture: Revising Your Writing


  • Choose the right words for messages
  • Write effective sentences
  • Develop logical paragraphs
  • Convey an appropriate tone

Week 4

Lecture: Writing Progress Reports


  • Explain the context for and the importance of writing progress reports
  • Determine an appropriate report structure and organization
  • Draft the report body and supplementary pages
  • Revise, format, and proofread the report
Lecture: Writing the Report


  • Determine an appropriate report structure and organization
  • Draft the report body and supplementary pages
  • Use an effective writing style
  • Provide appropriate documentation when using someone else’s work
  • Revise, format, and proofread the report

Week 5

Lecture: Routine Messages


  • Compose a routine request
  • Compose a routine reply
  • Compose a routine claim letter
  • Compose a routine adjustment letter
  • Compose a goodwill message
Lecture: Persuasive Messages


  • Compose a persuasive message promoting an idea
  • Compose a persuasive message requesting a favor
  • Compose a persuasive claim
  • Compose a sales letter

Week 6

Lecture: Bad-News Messages


  • Plan the bad-news message
  • Compose a message that rejects an idea
  • Compose a message that refuses a favor
  • Compose a message that refuses a claim
  • Compose a bad-news announcement

Week 7

Lecture: Employment Communication


  • Compose and format a résumé
  • Compose a job-application letter
  • Employ appropriate conduct during an employment interview
  • Complete the communication tasks needed after the employment interview
  • Practice business etiquette in the workplace

Week 8

Lecture: Making Oral Presentations


  • Plan and organize a presentation
  • Plan a team and video presentation
  • Develop effective visual aids
  • Practice and deliver a presentation

The course description, objectives and learning outcomes are subject to change without notice based on enhancements made to the course. November 2011