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EHC 4402 Community Health Evaluation

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to

  • Explain the relationship between health behavior, health promotion, and health education
  • Develop health promotional programs objectives and effective implementation strategies
  • Identify and describe key health promotion program planning models
  • Explain fundamental statistical computations used to describe the health status of a population
  • Explain the application of descriptive epidemiological and demographic methods to describe the health status of a population
  • Explain the application and interpretation of health status indicators and indices commonly utilized in healthcare and their influences on healthcare management and policy implications
  • Explain the basic public health principles utilized in the control and prevention of disease
  • Explain the role of community building and coalitions in formulating effective community health programs

Week 1

Module: Introduction to Epidemiology and Role of Health Education
Lecture: Introduction to Epidemiology and Role of Health Education
  • Explain the role of epidemiology
  • Have a general understanding of health promotional programs

Week 2

Module: Criteria for Data Quality and an Overview of Program Planning Models
Lecture: Data Quality and Program Planning Models
  • Discuss the criteria used to determine the data quality for health program evaluations
  • Share an overview of major program planning models

Week 3

Module: Descriptive Epidemiology and Needs Assessment
Lecture: Descriptive Epidemiology and Needs Assessment


  • Explain what is descriptive epidemiology
  • Discuss how to develop a needs assessment

Week 4

Module: Different Study Designs
Lecture: Different Study Designs


  • Explain what is correlation and causation
  • Overview of different study designs

Week 5

Module: Mission, Vision, and Common Models Used in Health Promotion Programs
Lecture: Mission, Vision, and Common Models


  • Explain what is meant by the terms mission statement and vision statement
  • Define and understand the difference between goals and objectives
  • Define common theories and models used in health promotion and intervention programs

Week 6

Module: Intervention Strategies
Lecture: Intervention Strategies


  • Explain what are the different intervention strategies leveraged in healthy promotion programs

Week 7

Module: Community Coalition and Advocacy Groups
Lecture: Community Coalition and Advocacy Groups


  • Explain the major steps in creating a community coalition or advocacy group
  • Gain an understanding of emerging epidemiological applications

Week 8

Module: Marketing, Implementation, and Health Program Evaluation
Lecture: Marketing and Implementation
Lecture: Health Program Evaluation
Lecture: Ethical Considerations and Evaluator Responsibilities


  • Identify key marketing components that support health promotional programs
  • Identify key implementation and project management components and tools
  • Describe major evaluation approaches and design

The course description, objectives and learning outcomes are subject to change without notice based on enhancements made to the course. November 2013