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WRI 1001 First-Year Writing 2

Course Description

This course continues work begun in WRI 1000. It includes study in rhetorical analysis and the conventions of various genres. It also includes intensive instruction in writing and revision of work that incorporates research. It is the second in a two-part series.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, student should be able to

  • Recognize that research is a conversation
  • Select an appropriate topic for a college-level research paper
  • Employ proper use of summary and paraphrase
  • Conduct research through the Florida Tech Evans Library
  • Assemble an APA style annotated bibliography
  • Compose an APA style review of literature
  • Demonstrate correct use of APA style documentation
  • Prepare a college-level APA style research position paper

Week 1

Moudle: Overview of Course Objectives and Introduction to the Course
Lecture: Florida Tech Evans Library
Lecture: Introduction


  • Perform active reading
  • Recognize research as a conversation
  • Select a suitable topic for a research paper
  • Effectively use the library

Week 2

Module: Research as Conversation
Lecture: The Conversation, Part 1: Defining and Finding It


  • Use the library and Web for conducting research
  • Evaluate arguments and sources
  • Write a summary of a scholarly article
  • Map out a research strategy
  • Maintain a working bibliography

Week 3

Module: Research as Conversation
Lecture: The Conversation, Part 2: Listening to and Classifying It


  • Begin researching a topic
  • Recognize a peer-reviewed journal article
  • Reproduce the conventions for APA citation of journal article
  • Compose an annotated bibliography
  • Assemble a list of different perspectives on a topic

Week 4

Module: The Annotated Bibiliography
Lecture: Annotated Bibiliography


  • Maneuver through the library’s database
  • Conduct focused research
  • Identify quality secondary sources
  • Employ paraphrasing technique to summarize sources
  • Draft a complete annotated bibliography 

Week 5

Module: Writing the Literature Review
Lecture: Literature Review


  • Compose a literature review of a defined topic
  • Classify various critical perspectives on a topic
  • Use quotations appropriately
  • Employ signal phrases
  • Synthesize sources

Week 6

Module: Integrating and Synthesizing Sources
Lecture: Integrating Sources


  • Prepare a final draft of a literature review
  • Prepare a list of references
  • Demonstrate familiarity with APA formatting
  • Cite sources correctly following APA style

Week 7

Module: Writing the APA Research Paper
Lecture: APA Research Paper


  • Formulate a working thesis for an APA paper
  • Provide background context and information
  • Support claims of the paper
  • Use outside sources appropriately and effectively
  • Write a draft of an APA paper
  • Understand the concept metacommentary

Week 8

Module: Revising and Entering the Conversation
Lecture: Revision


  • Complete an APA paper
  • Master APA paper formatting including abstracts
  • Integrate sources into paper
  • Analyze scholarly positions on a subject
  • Enter the scholarly conversation on a subject

The course description, objectives and learning outcomes are subject to change without notice based on enhancements made to the course. November 2011