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Guide to Majors in Computer Information Systems

By University Alliance
Guide to Majors in Computer Information Systems

For students and career changers looking to combine business acumen with technological proficiency, the growing field of computer information systems offers a wide range of opportunity in governmental as well as private companies. Seeking education that complements current skills and advances other areas of expertise is available through online and traditional courses. Computer information systems professionals play a key role in supporting corporate growth and driving the technologies that deliver business product and services to consumers. Depending upon experience and educational level, there are many points of entry into this profession.

Combining Business Know How with Current Technology

For professionals who enjoy having one foot on the human side of running a business while at the same time having the other foot firmly planted on the foundation of current technology, this career path allows a professional to evolve with new technologies, always engaging in the cutting edge trends that keep a business ahead of the competition.

Although a two-year associate of Arts degree in business or technology with related experience and training in a complimenting area may be the path of entry for some, most often professionals will hold a bachelor’s degree in a tech-related field and have extensive business experience and possibly hold an MBA which generally adds two years to the bachelor’s degree. Online MBA’s from nationally ranked and regionally accredited programs may speed the process up somewhat by being able to offer coursework in an expedited schedule.

Because a wide range of skills is necessary in this field, ongoing education and training is necessary. Engaging in webinars and conferences sponsored by professional organizations are additional cost-effective ways to build a résumé with experiences employers might find attractive. In addition, a variety of internship opportunities and professional mentoring may be available through college career offices and through the contacts available through taking online courses and/or attending a related industry seminar or conference.

Global Market Appeal

For professionals seeking a career path that will secure knowledge necessary to remain competitive in a global marketplace, the combination of business and technological skills widens opportunities and appeals to employers across industries. Professionals that understand which technologies will generate the best results and can clearly articulate technological concepts to non-technical business leaders are greatly valued by executives struggling to remain competitive in an increasingly diverse and ever expanding world-wide marketplace.

Specific work may include integrating a streamlined software system to promote corporate growth, working with an IT team to identify and install necessary hardware, training teams on new applications and delivering presentations to management. Computer information system specialists may also be involved in working with teams in remote locations through laptop or mobile devices, coordinating IT related growth goals across divisions, and assisting upper level management in the development, implementation, and monitoring of IT changes that support overall profitability goals.


While a broad range of technological, business, and communication skills is vital for success in this field, many companies and agencies provide additional training and education specific to unique industry and corporate applications. Ongoing professional development may involve certifications that require passing a standardized test. Professionals in this field are expected to display high levels of integrity and often must pass a complete background check and security clearance check dependent upon the hiring organization or agency requirements.

Versatility drives many professionals to explore this field. International travel is possible in many opportunities, yet a large number of domestic jobs also exist in this field. Some professionals specialize in an area such as HR, research and development, or pursue corporate training or management. The wide variety of opportunities in this field allows for professional movement as a long term career unfolds. Ongoing training is a vital component of this career path as is the flexibility to respond to changes in the tech industry. Effective communication skills and creative problem-solving abilities are also highly valued attributes in this field.

For professionals seeking innovative ways to combine practical business experience with technical skills, a career in computer information systems can offer a wide range of opportunities in an increasingly expanding and complex global marketplace. Through the convenience of online computer information systems degree programs and MBA programs, professionals can seek additional education while continuing employment. Through professional mentoring, internships, and participation in a professional organization, professionals can secure a career path that is versatile, vibrant, and full of opportunity both domestically and abroad.

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