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A Guide to Law Enforcement Careers

By University Alliance
A Guide to Law Enforcement Careers

Have you always wanted to make a real difference in your community or your country? Explore the many options for law enforcement careers in criminal justice. A fulfilling career in the fast-paced criminal justice field can lead to opportunities for travel and advancement, plus the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping keep fellow citizens safe from harm.

You’re probably familiar with criminal justice careers like police officer, state trooper and criminal investigator. But if you’re interested in pursuing a different career path, there are many options available for you to serve as a law enforcement professional.

Specialized Law Enforcement Careers in Criminal Justice

Forensic Science Technician: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that forensic science is one of the fastest-growing law enforcement careers. You’ll find forensic science technicians on every crime scene, collecting critical pieces of evidence like fiber, hair, tissue and fingerprints for analysis. If this sounds intriguing to you, then you could have a future as a forensic science technician.

Game Warden: Like the outdoors? Maybe you’ll excel as a fish and game warden. Typically employed by state and local governments, these professional law enforcement officers ensure compliance with hunting and fishing regulations. Patrolling the woods, lakes and rivers make this one of the best law enforcement positions for anyone who prefers working outdoors in sunlight rather than indoors under fluorescent lights.

U.S. Marshal: Another option for criminal justice degree holders is a career as a U.S. Marshal. These highly trained individuals ensure that escapees from federal prisons and parole violators are brought to justice. Every day, these dedicated professionals are credited with the recovery of missing children, the apprehension of dangerous criminals and the arrest of fugitives.

These are just a few of the specialized criminal justice careers that are within your reach when you enroll online for a criminal justice degree from Florida Tech.

Criminal Justice Jobs Fulfill Increased Security Needs

Rising crime rates and higher security needs nationwide mean that law enforcement careers in criminal justice are a great choice. When you think about increased activity in agencies like the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it makes sense that criminal justice careers can offer advantages like job stability and advancement opportunities.

3 High-Demand Law Enforcement Careers in Criminal Justice

  1. FBI: Anyone interested in elite law enforcement careers should think about the FBI. Special agents are being recruited for FBI positions across the country.
  2. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement: Immigration and border issues are featured in the news daily. The DHS is stepping up recruiting efforts to meet their staffing needs.
  3. EPA: If you’re interested in pursing a criminal justice career path with an environmental twist, consider working as a criminal investigator for the EPA, enforcing laws protecting our environment. EPA criminal justice career opportunities exist from Alaska to Alabama.

Embarking on a Criminal Justice Career Path

So, you’re up for the challenge and you’re ready to pursue one of the many law enforcement careers available. Now you just need a plan. Criminal justice careers often have similar qualifications, including age, education, and psychological and physical ability to perform the work involved in law enforcement careers. Each federal agency, state office and local department specifies additional requirements for its applicants.

Attaining a four-year degree is often necessary for FBI, Secret Service and Drug Enforcement Agency careers. Departments hiring sheriff’s patrol officers, police officers, and state troopers often have entry-level positions for AA Criminal Justice degree holders.

The most important consideration on your criminal justice career path is which online educational institution to choose for your criminal justice degree. For a high-quality education from a regionally accredited institution that will place you ahead of the competition, check out Florida Tech’s criminal justice degree programs.

You’ll want the Florida Tech criminal justice degree advantage when you’re applying for the most sought-after law enforcement careers. With a BA Criminal Justice degree or an AA Criminal Justice degree from Florida Tech, you’ll be well-positioned to embark on an exciting law enforcement career.

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