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Landing the Best Criminal Justice Jobs

By University Alliance
Landing the Best Criminal Justice Jobs

7 Steps That Make It Easy

Experienced law enforcement professionals know how competitive landing the best criminal justice jobs can be. Whether you’re looking for your first position or seeking a promotion, you’ll soon learn the top-paying jobs are highly sought-after. This article outlines seven steps you can take to land your ideal criminal justice job.

1. Ask Yourself a Few Basic Questions:

  • Do you want to serve the community where you live?
  • Are your criminal justice career dreams large in scope?
  • Are you willing to continue your education to gain the credentials you need to qualify for the best criminal justice job available?
  • What level of income do you desire?
  • Are you suited to the challenges and demands of a law enforcement career?

2. Research Departments, Agencies and Types of Criminal Justice Jobs

Start your law enforcement field research with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Whether you’re interested in working in law enforcement, analyzing evidence, becoming a detective, joining the Secret Service or serving as an FBI Agent, you’ll find job descriptions on the BLS to help focus your areas of interest.

3. Target Your Search to Your Skills and Interests

You might dream of working with the U.S. Border Patrol, or pursuing fugitives from justice as a U.S. Marshal. Or perhaps you’re better suited to an FBI career, or working on a Homeland Security team combating international threats. Match your skills to several positions in each department or agency, and narrow your options based on location, work environment, salary level and other preferences.

4. Find Out What Criminal Justice Degree You’ll Need

Certain entry-level jobs require only a high school diploma. But the best criminal justice job for you might require further education, especially if you aspire to work for a state or federal agency or land a supervisory position. To advance to elite law enforcement jobs – with higher pay and more prestige – you’ll need an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice or a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

5. Learn the Requirements and Qualifications

Once you find a few positions that really excite you, check out the requirements for each one. Depending on the agency or department and the position, you’ll find a list of requirements and qualifications you’ll need to fulfill, such as:

  • Citizenship
  • Age
  • Vision
  • Education Level and Class Rank
  • Related Experience
  • Specialty Experience
  • Security Clearance

6. Analyze Your Skills

Now that you know which skills the agency is seeking, analyze those you have and those you need to develop. If leadership skills are necessary, but you don’t have any experience, seek out training programs. Professional law enforcement officers also need excellent interpersonal communication skills, so you’ll need to sharpen yours to distinguish yourself from other talented individuals competing for the best criminal justice jobs. And if the career you want involves investigating white-collar or organized crime, be sure to include the necessary criminal justice courses in your education plan.

7. Decide Where to Pursue Your Online AA Criminal Justice or BA Criminal Justice Degree

When you’re in a job interview, you don’t want any strikes against you. The competition for landing the best jobs is just too fierce. You’ll need every advantage you can get – so it’s important you enroll in a regionally accredited university, like Florida Tech, for your undergraduate degree in criminal justice. Colleges and universities with regional accreditation have achieved the highest level of accreditation possible. For you, this means the highest level of quality education available – an education that will enable you to pursue and obtain the law enforcement career you really want.

Enhance Your Life With a Degree From Florida Tech

Florida Tech is an excellent choice for your online criminal justice degree program. Besides the outstanding education you’ll receive, you’ll have the pride and confidence that comes with knowing your university is respected worldwide. Florida Tech is accredited to award associate, baccalaureate, master’s, education specialist and doctoral degrees.

Why risk losing out on your best criminal justice job opportunities by choosing another university for your online criminal justice degree program? With a degree from Florida Tech, you’ll be several steps ahead of your competition – and starting ahead is the best way to begin!

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