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Mobile Devices Information Assurance

By University Alliance
Mobile Devices Information Assurance

Mobile devices are everywhere. They make work life more flexible and add convenience to personal communications. At the same time, data stored on the devices and the devices themselves are often vulnerable to theft. Information assurance and data protection are two quickly growing fields within the IT industry. Whether security professionals are working on innovations to make devices more secure, or creating software that is less susceptible to cyber criminals, a variety of opportunities exist for professionals interested in a career path involving mobile device information assurance.

Training and Education

Cyber attacks have become one of the most urgent threats to communication networks at all levels. In response to the need for highly skilled mobile device information assurance professionals, a number of online degree programs currently offer professionals seeking career growth the flexibility to obtain further education while continuing employment. Data entry and support technicians may hold a two year degree but often continue their education to obtain a more specialized four year degree. A variety of specialties exist depending on interests including hardware, software, and customer support areas of mobile device security.

Professionals interested in advanced positions including administration, training, or technical development of mobile device security applications often seek master’s degrees to polish expert knowledge. While obtaining education, the most savvy students seek practical skills through seeking internships, formal mentoring, and pertinent coursework taught by industry leaders. No matter what their point of entry is in this field, professionals must engage in ongoing professional development in order to remain competitive in the industry.

Depending on one’s interests and career goals, becoming active in a professional organization can offer ongoing informal education through seminars, conferences, online forums, and other growth opportunities. Having the most current skill set with best practice knowledge in this growing field means staying engaged in career-long professional development which may include online courses both for content and convenience.

World Wide Opportunity

Mobile device security professionals are afforded a great deal of settings in which to work. Because of the boom in ecommerce in recent years, companies all over the world need mobile device security specialists. Whether a professional is working for a mobile device company, a security contractor, or as part of a design team, there is a wide variety of national and international companies who hire the most experienced and well educated mobile device security professionals.

Websites like the USA Defense Industry Jobs offer a variety of topical articles, related fellowship opportunities and domestic job opportunities. Other websites like LinkedIn In offer worldwide discussion groups on a number of cybersecurity related topics including mobile device security. Aside from popular employment sites, international sites such as ASIS International offer an international job board for tech security jobseekers in a variety of specialties who desire the opportunity to travel. Many governmental agencies such as the Department of State and the Department of Defense also offer international opportunities.


As more and more companies move toward ecommerce platforms to conduct business, mobile devices offer business owners unprecedented flexibility. With that flexibility comes the risk of device and data theft. Professionals with an interest in mobile device information assurance can provide needed expertise in software design, hardware modifications, network development, and other mobile device security features to address the multi-faceted needs of companies and individuals using mobile devices to conduct business. Whether you are interested in a job at home or overseas, the most skilled and educated applicants will compete for the highest paying jobs.

Obtaining education through nationally ranked and regionally accredited programs will help to secure the competitive edge to set you apart from the competition. Engaging in ongoing career development through a professional organization demonstrates to an employer that you have what it takes to keep your skills current. Creating a multi-faceted career development plan will help you prepare yourself for the wide range of opportunities available in this growing field now, and in the future.

Category: Cybersecurity & Information Assurance