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The Next Step: Getting Your MSIT

By University Alliance
The Next Step: Getting Your MSIT

Master’s Degree in Information Technology (MSIT) candidates come to the program from a wide variety of occupations and educational backgrounds. Some are business management majors, while others may be in marketing, finance, sales or accounting positions. If you are intrigued by the explosion of technology in your work and personal lives, and are seeking opportunities to expand your career possibilities, you might consider returning to college to earn your MSIT degree. Even if you’re in a non-technical field, the MSIT degree could be a good fit to augment your skills and prepare you for today’s in-demand IT positions.

No Degree in Computer Science? No Problem!

Since you’ve been working in your field, you may have noticed that a lack of computer knowledge has affected your ability to contribute in some areas. Adding computer expertise to your skill set can help. Since organizations today are technology-driven, there is a high demand for IT professionals who can help businesses of all sizes and in all industries improve processes through technology – and add to the bottom line. Earning an MSIT degree can help you break out of a career rut, shift from your current field into the expanding IT industry, or make you more valuable to your present employer.

No matter what discipline you followed for your bachelor’s degree, you can likely transition successfully into an MSIT program. And if you are currently an IT industry professional, an MSIT degree can help strengthen your working knowledge and prepare you to advance further in your field.

Gain Relevant Skills Through an MSIT Program

Helping organizations remain competitive in a complex environment takes a high level of technical skill, as well as a solid base of business knowledge. MSIT degree programs are designed to enhance students’ understanding of project and business management, leadership, and finance, as well as the information technology skills today’s employers seek.

An MSIT program prepares you to:

  • Apply technological solutions to real-word business problems.
  • Build and lead effective teams.
  • Develop information systems into business tools.
  • Utilize critical thinking to make key decisions.

If acquiring these and additional in-demand IT and business skills would give your career a boost, the MSIT degree could be a great fit for you.

Career Possibilities for Master’s in Information Technology Degree Holders

Combining technical skills with your educational and professional background can lead to a wide variety of career possibilities.

  • IT Architect and Systems Manager: This IT specialty utilizes the skills you can acquire in an MSIT degree program, including defining requirements, preparing design documentation and establishing IT goals to meet business objectives.
  • Systems Software Manager: These IT professionals lead the projects that develop software, products and systems that meet the technology needs of a wide variety of businesses. They define software requirements and help design new products, as well as lead and manage teams of software coders and testers.
  • Database Processing Manager: Keeping businesses profitable by planning and supervising information systems and database-driven software applications are the main functions of a database processing manager. They typically oversee new system implementation, develop technical specifications for systems and evaluate hardware and software upgrades.
  • Director of Information Technology: Organizations need strong leaders who possess both business and technical knowledge to help them sustain growth and profitability. Directors of IT plan a business’s technology strategy, and oversee its implementation through short-term projects and long-term initiatives.

Make an MSIT Degree Your Next Step To Advance Your Career Possibilities

Think of all the ways you’d benefit from computer expertise in your current position and consider the career possibilities you could pursue with the right education. Enrolling in a Master’s Degree in Information Technology program can be your next step to obtaining the skills and knowledge today’s employers seek. No matter what field you’re in, or what bachelor’s degree you hold, an MSIT degree can help you launch a new phase in your career.

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