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How to Choose an Online MBA No GMAT Program

By University Alliance
How to Choose an Online MBA No GMAT Program

If you are planning to pursue an MBA, no GMAT requirements may be an important factor when choosing between online programs. Preparing for the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) or GRE (Graduate Record Exam) can be expensive and time-consuming when the cost of the test, dollars spent on study materials and other factors are taken in consideration. The process may even feel like an unnecessary burden if you are currently working full-time or trying to complete your undergraduate studies.

Although an MBA without GMAT and GRE requirements is an attractive option, you need to make sure the online program you select will provide a high-quality education, and that your degree will be accepted and respected by potential employers. Your choice of an online MBA program can have a tremendous impact on the course of your career, so it’s important to choose wisely.

10 Important Factors to Consider When Selecting an Online MBA Program

You’ll be investing substantial time, effort and money into earning your master’s degree. Consider these 10 critical factors when evaluating online MBA programs with no GMAT and no GRE requirements to make sure you get the best possible return on your investment:

  1. Traditional, Brick-and-Mortar University: As far as many employers are concerned, there is a big difference between earning an online MBA from an institution based solely in cyberspace and earning an MBA online from a well-known, brick-and-mortar university with a history of excellence. By choosing a traditional university, you can ensure that your degree has credibility and respect.
  2. Regional Accreditation: The U.S. Department of Education does not accredit universities itself; instead, it recognizes a number of approved accrediting agencies – including six regional accrediting bodies – as a reliable authority on the quality of postsecondary education. Regional accreditation means that a school’s standards, faculty and curricula are carefully evaluated on an ongoing basis. Make certain your MBA is backed by a regionally accredited institution.
  3. Reputation: The reputation of your university will impact the perception of your degree. Choose an institution that has earned national recognition, including a ranking among “America’s Best Colleges” by U.S. News & World Report. Universities included in this prestigious guide have passed intense scrutiny for criteria like academic reputation, graduation and retention rate, faculty resources and student selectivity. Earning your MBA online from a Tier 1 U.S. News-ranked institution demonstrates to employers the validity and value of your degree.
  4. Quality of Instruction: While study findings published by the U.S. Department of Education* show that online classes can result in higher learning outcomes than face-to-face instruction, not all online MBA programs offer an equally high level of instruction. Research the programs you’re considering and verify the professors are noted experts who hold a PhD or the highest degree applicable to their field. They should also have experience in working with adult learners and within an online medium of instruction.
  5. 100% Online: Many programs offer an online component but may require students to travel to campus for exams or labs. Look for the convenience and flexibility of a 100% online program with 24/7 access to lectures, course materials and exams – because classes that fit your busy schedule are vital to successfully completing an MBA program. The best programs include high-tech features such as streaming and downloadable video lectures, downloadable MP3 and MP4 files, and mobile access.
  6. Same Diploma Earned on Campus: If your university offers the same curriculum and instruction to on-campus and online students, you should receive the same degree as your campus-based peers. Be sure the school you choose makes no distinction between on-campus and online learning when awarding diplomas.
  7. Customizable Curriculum: Some students favor an MBA with a broad, comprehensive focus, while others prefer to choose an MBA with a specialization that fits their interests or goals. If you intend to work or advance within a particular industry, pursuing a specialized MBA can provide a competitive edge, plus the advanced skills employers need.
  8. Practical, Real-World Knowledge: Business theory plays an important role in your MBA education, but it’s also important to gain practical experience. For a solid educational foundation, seek out an MBA program that offers hands-on learning with real-world business scenarios.
  9. Faculty and Peer Interaction: Just because you’re earning your MBA online doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. The best online MBA programs offer many opportunities to interact with your professors and classmates, enabling you to gain valuable insights and expand your professional network.
  10. Application Process: The application process for your MBA degree program should be rigorous but without unnecessary hurdles. Although it’s possible to find a high-quality online MBA program with no GMAT and no GRE required, you should be aware that the best schools will still be selective in whom they choose to admit. No GMAT and no GRE doesn’t mean anyone will be accepted – you’ll still need to meet minimum undergraduate GPA requirements and submit recommendations.

Earning an MBA can provide you with the expertise needed to excel in a global economy, while leading to greater self-confidence and increased earnings. However, it’s critical to choose your online MBA program carefully.

For an online program that meets all 10 of the criteria listed here, consider one of the MBAs available from Florida Institute of Technology. Through a multimedia, video-based e-learning platform, Florida Tech empowers professionals to earn a prestigious, world-class MBA 100% online.

Why Choose Florida Tech’s Online MBA Program?

  • Regionally accredited and ranked a Tier 1 Best National University by U.S. News & World Report, Florida Tech is a traditional, brick-and-mortar institution based on Florida’s famous Space Coast. With an outstanding, internationally acclaimed faculty and more than 60,000 alumni, Florida Tech is recognized and respected worldwide.
  • Florida Tech’s MBA programs combine the convenience and flexibility of 100% online learning with the same renowned professors and quality curricula available on campus. Online students are awarded the same diploma as their on-campus peers and have the opportunity to walk in the formal graduation ceremony.
  • The MBA programs available online from Florida Tech are customizable according to personal goals and career aspirations, providing students the opportunity to choose their own curriculum. Whether they elect to pursue a traditional MBA or one of 10 specializations, students will receive the core MBA business foundations and complete specialization courses in their area(s) of interest. Florida Tech’s specialized MBA options include:
  • All of Florida Tech’s online MBA programs feature the innovative Essentials of Business Development sequence, where students learn core business fundamentals and gain valuable experience building a business plan from the ground up.
  • Florida Tech’s online students can complete their studies anytime and anywhere, with mobile access and the ability to view lectures via streaming and downloadable video, and MP3 and MP4 downloads. Students can interact with their professors and classmates through a variety of communication tools, including online message boards.
  • When applying for a Florida Tech MBA program, no GMAT and no GRE is required. The application process is simple, and the university offers rolling admission – students can begin their studies in any of the six terms offered each year.

If your goal is to achieve a prestigious MBA online in two years or less, Florida Tech may be the right choice for you. Request more information today, and discover how you can earn a respected MBA 100% online with no GMAT and no GRE requirements.

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