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Director of Client Services Career Profile

An MBA with a specialization in Marketing can be a solid foundation for this career.

By University Alliance
Director of Client Services Career Profile

The need to stand out from the crowd has led organizations in every industry to become more client-focused. A director of client services, whether employed by a for-profit company or a non-profit service organization, acts as customer liaison and ensures that clients receive what they need and expect. Pursuing a career as a director of client services can begin by enrolling in an MBA program with a specialization in Marketing.

Job Duties

Whether working for a high-tech company providing software support, a human services agency or a manufacturing company delivering products, it’s the role of a client services director to support organizational growth by providing strategic client direction, building new relationships and maintaining existing client relationships, as well as ensuring that client projects are implemented according to plan.

Depending on the employer, a director of client services may be responsible for:  

  • Planning, developing and managing client projects
  • Determining a project’s schedule, scope and budget
  • Directing team members in meeting client and company objectives
  • Defining departmental operating budgets, and resource, risk and scope management
  • Managing client expectations
  • Communicating with stakeholders
  • Determining short- and long-term resource requirements
  • Building and managing teams
  • Designating responsibilities among team members

Although a director of client services typically works in an office setting, travel may be required in order to meet with clients, visit suppliers and vendors, and attend industry conferences.

Director of Client Services Education and Training Requirements

While a bachelor’s degree and marketing experience can be sufficient for some director of client services positions, larger employers may show preference to candidates with a master’s degree.

Individuals with marketing, sales or business backgrounds who aspire to a director of client services position may seek to improve their prospects by enrolling in an MBA program with a specialization in Marketing. Coursework typically includes essentials of business development, strategic marketing, consumer behavior strategies and international business.

Professionals who have earned an MBA with a specialization in Marketing should be able to:

  • Make important decisions with authority
  • Identify marketing opportunities and develop conversion strategies
  • Apply modern theories of negotiation, management and leadership to real-world challenges
  • Consistently position and build brand equity

Could a Career as a Director of Client Services be a Good Fit for You?

If you enjoy managing multiple projects concurrently and are detail-oriented, analytical and a problem solver, then a career as a director of client services could be an appealing option. Individuals who attain an MBA with a specialization in Marketing may be better positioned for advancement in this field.

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