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Interactive Sales Manager Career and Salary Profile

By University Alliance
Interactive Sales Manager Career and Salary Profile

As technology continues to expand around the world, mobile and online sales are a vital revenue source for an increasing number of businesses. Interactive sales managers in a wide variety of industries leverage online opportunities to help organizations meet their goals. The path to an interactive sales manager career can begin with enrolling in an MBA program with a specialization in Marketing.

Interactive Sales Manager Job Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects steady employment growth for all sales managers, including interactive sales managers, in coming years. However, candidates with skills in new media, particularly the Internet, should have more opportunities. Those with master’s degrees should have the best prospects.

Job Duties

An interactive sales manager will fulfill a number of duties during the work day, all designed to drive profitable sales growth across multiple platforms. Specific duties will vary according to the industry, but in general may include targeting and researching potential accounts, evaluating customer needs and analyzing market trends. Developing sales strategies, goals, and objectives, as well as implementing sales plans, are additional duties for these interactive sales professionals.

As leader of the interactive sales team, the interactive sales manager will often hire, train and develop staff. In this role, they are usually expected to establish measurable sales goals and evaluate staff accordingly.

Creating sales promotions, researching additional revenue streams and overseeing sales of digital initiatives are also duties of an interactive sales manager. They may conduct sales training, attend sales meetings, call on potential clients and develop sales proposals. Providing interactive sales projections and actual sales activity data to management and other stakeholders is another function of the interactive sales manager.

The interactive sales manager is also typically responsible for staying on top of industry, marketing, and interactive product and service delivery trends, identifying and recommending improvements in sales procedures, and creating new programs and promotions to improve interactive sales performance.

Most interactive sales managers work in offices. A 40-hour week is standard, but longer hours may be necessary during busier periods, such as holiday sales cycles and new program launches. Depending on the employer, travel may be required.

Potential Salary

According to national data from in January 2011, the average annual salary for interactive account managers was $78,301, while the middle 50% earned between $61,130 and $95,473.

With additional experience, interactive sales managers often advance to roles of increasing responsibility and higher potential annual pay. A sampling of sales management salaries on in January 2011 showed that national sales managers and sales directors in the 75th percentile of earners brought in approximately $120,915 and $139,584 per year, respectively.

The data shows that the top salaries generally go to those with solid experience and the advanced skills employers need to remain competitive.

Education and Training Requirements

Most interactive sales manager jobs require a bachelor’s degree. Some employers show preference to candidates with advanced training and education, including master’s degrees.

Sales and business professionals who wish to pursue an interactive sales manager position can improve their chances by acquiring up-to-date skills through an MBA program with a specialization in Marketing. Coursework typically includes integrated Internet strategies, management information systems, managerial accounting, and marketing management.

Employers can be confident that professionals who have earned an MBA with a specialization in Marketing are able to:

  • Apply interactive sales management skills to a variety of organizations.
  • Boost web performance by analyzing emerging technologies and choosing effective solutions.
  • Develop successful online marketing campaigns.
  • Integrate consumer browsing behavior and key analytics into sales programs.
  • Leverage advanced knowledge and skills to succeed as an interactive sales manager.

Considering a Career as an Interactive Sales Manager?

If your career goals include being on the leading edge of interactive business and expanding technology, you might be a great fit for becoming an interactive sales manager. Individuals who succeed in this exciting career are solution-centered, outgoing, creative and detail-oriented. Strong communication and negotiation skills, self-motivation and a strong work ethic are also valuable attributes. Does this sound like you? Take the next step and acquire up-to-date knowledge and must-have skills by earning your MBA with a specialization in Marketing. This respected degree could open doors to a successful interactive sales manager career.

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