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Senior Internet Marketing Consultant Career and Salary Profile

By University Alliance
Senior Internet Marketing Consultant Career and Salary Profile

As the amount of business conducted online continues to expand, more companies need the expertise of senior Internet marketing consultants to manage and execute successful online marketing strategies. These high-level marketing professionals are in demand to grow businesses all over the world. Pursuing an exciting senior Internet marketing consultant career can begin with enrolling in an MBA program with a specialization in marketing.

Senior Internet Marketing Consultant Job Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects overall employment for advertising and marketing services, including senior Internet Marketing consultants, will experience steady growth in coming years. Candidates with experience in a variety of media outlets, including Internet marketing, will have the best opportunities. Competition could be keen; job seekers with a master’s degree or MBA in marketing should have the best prospects.

Job Duties

Senior Internet marketing consultants work in wide variety of industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, travel and more; they may be independent or work for an employer. Job duties for these Internet marketing specialists include leading search engine marketing initiatives to meet organizational goals. This effort typically involves online ad campaign development, optimization and performance analysis.

By analyzing client websites, senior Internet marketing consultants can recommend tools and strategies to meet stated online marketing objectives. These strategies often include search engine optimization, search marketing campaigns and link building. Creating, developing and implementing Internet marketing plans are principle tasks of the senior Internet marketing consultant.

These highly skilled professionals may also oversee web analytics research to determine marketing plan effectiveness. Extracting insight from data, identifying relevant trends and recommending appropriate action are typical related activities.

Another important duty of senior Internet marketing consultants is providing regular reports, changing campaigns as needed and updating optimization elements. They also monitor and develop solutions to issues that arise in daily Internet marketing activities. Staying on top of fast-changing trends in online search engine marketing is another very important aspect of the senior Internet marketing consultant’s job.

Additional job duties may include analyzing and generating keywords, creating website content, including ad and web page copy, and using search engine marketing tools to create ad campaigns. Managing and updating keyword lists is another important aspect of this profession.

Depending on the employer, senior Internet marketing consultants may work from home or in an office. A 40-hour week is standard.

Senior Internet Marketing Consultant Potential Salary

Salary data will vary as job titles evolve in this emerging profession. For example, according to national data from in January 2011, the average annual salary for all interactive marketing consultants was $69,900. The middle 50% earned between $38,696 and $101,103.

Data compiled from national senior Internet marketing consultant job listings on showed an average annual salary of $110,000 as of January 2011.

With additional experience, senior Internet marketing consultants may have the opportunity to pursue positions of greater responsibility, with increased earnings potential. A sampling of marketing management salaries on in January 2011 showed that directors of marketing and business development, and vice presidents of marketing in the 75th percentile of earners brought in approximately $145,709 and $199,711 per year, respectively.

The data shows that the top salaries generally go to those with solid experience and the up-to-date skills and knowledge businesses need to remain competitive.

Education and Training Requirements

A bachelor’s degree is usually the minimum qualification for senior Internet marketing consultant jobs. Some employers show preference to candidates with advanced training or MBAs.

Individuals wishing to pursue a senior Internet marketing career can obtain must-have skills and knowledge by enrolling in an MBA program with a specialization in Internet Marketing. Coursework typically includes technologies of Internet marketing, integrated Internet strategies, marketing management, organizational behavior and management information systems.

Employers can be confident that professionals who have earned an MBA with a specialization in Marketing are able to:

  • Analyze online marketing campaigns using web analytic services.
  • Market and promote a company successfully through emerging methods such as mobile and social media marketing.
  • Develop online marketing tracking and reporting systems for a variety of organizations.
  • Identify critical success factors for Internet marketing campaigns, using consumer browsing behavior and key analytics.
  • Leverage advanced knowledge and skills to succeed as a senior Internet marketing consultant.

Are You Poised for Success as a Senior Internet Marketing Consultant?

If you have sharp business skills, strong interpersonal abilities, and want a career that will never be boring, consider entering the fast-changing and exciting Internet marketing industry. The dream of becoming a successful senior Internet marketing consultant can be a reality when you obtain in-demand skills and advanced education through an MBA program with a specialization in Internet marketing. Adding this respected degree to your qualifications can open up unlimited opportunities in the emerging Internet marketing field.

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