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Benefits of a For-Credit Graduate Certificate

By University Alliance
Benefits of a For-Credit Graduate Certificate

For-Credit and Not-For-Credit Mini MBAs

There are many benefits of attaining a Mini MBA, whether it’s for-credit or not-for-credit. It can increase your knowledge and skills, position you for advancement opportunities, give your resume a boost, and show employers and potential employers that you’re committed to your career. But with a for-credit graduate certificate, the benefits don’t stop there. Not only are for-credit master’s courses more likely to be eligible for tuition assistance, they get you started toward an MBA, gaining you more respect and credibility.

Earning Credit Can Earn You An MBA

For-credit courses means just that – you’re earning graduate credit hours. And these credits can be applied to an MBA in the future should you decide to pursue one. Because of the time and financial commitment involved in attaining an MBA, many individuals decide to test the water with a Mini MBA program in order to determine if they want to go farther. But unless that program is for-credit, it will not count toward an MBA. With Florida Tech’s 100% online Mini MBA For-Credit Graduate Certificates, once you’ve completed the program you’ll already be 1/3 of the way to an MBA. So not only have you armed yourself with a respected credential, you’ve earned yourself 12 graduate semester-credit hours.

Earning Credit Can Gain You Respect

Another advantage to earning graduate-level credit hours is the impact it makes on your resume. For-credit programs such as Florida Tech’s indicate to employers that you are enrolled in a traditional university program taking graduate-level courses. Displaying that you’ve earned 12 semester-credit hours toward an MBA, and noting that you intend to pursue it, demonstrates your motivation and desire to further your education; it may also be used to negotiate a higher salary when accepting a new job or promotion.

Earning Credit Can Get You Tuition Assistance

Employers like their staff to possess current knowledge and advanced skills. Not only does it make them more valuable to the company, it can increase morale and job satisfaction. Knowing that employees may not be able to afford the investment, many will often pay for some or all of an individual’s continuing education. However, most employers that offer tuition assistance or reimbursement require that the courses are for-credit, and that the credit hours earned can be applied to an advanced degree in the future.

Military servicemembers may also be able to obtain tuition assistance. Depending on the number of courses you enroll in, 100% of the expense may be covered; often, it is paid directly to the educational institution with no money ever leaving your pocket. Again, only for-credit courses like those offered at Florida Tech may be eligible. The GI Bill, which supports members and families of Active Duty, Selected Reserve and National Guard Armed Forces, may also cover the costs associated with obtaining a Mini MBA. There are several programs and each is administered differently based upon eligibility and status. More information about the GI Bill is available at

Each company and branch of the military has its own criteria for eligibility, application process and restrictions. Employees should check with their supervisor or human resources department about tuition assistance, and military servicemembers should inquire with their commanding officer.

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