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Best Major Programs For Extroverts

By University Alliance
Best Major Programs For Extroverts

Extrovert and introvert are terms popularized by psychiatrist Carl Jung in the 1920s. Most people have tendencies of both personality types, but lean toward one of the two ends of the spectrum. Those on the extrovert side tend to be energized by being around other people, while introverts need solitude and quiet time in order to refresh their energy stores.

Characteristics of Extroverts

Extroverts are more gregarious, assertive, talkative and enthusiastic. They prefer the company of other people to spending time alone; in fact, they may become bored when alone. Extroverts take more pleasure in large social gatherings, and enjoy business or political group activities.

What Are Some of The Best-Fit Major Programs For Extroverts?

Certainly, there are no guarantees of success or employment in pursuing advanced education, but earning a degree can boost your resume, augment your existing knowledge, and help you focus your talents and personal characteristics toward a successful career. If you’re an extrovert, choosing a major program that is particularly geared to your natural tendencies, skills and personality is a wise idea. Below, we highlight a few majors just for extroverts.


Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing degree can advance your career possibilities in the exciting field of marketing and advertising. This major is especially suitable for extroverts, because marketing is a people-driven business filled with tight deadlines, creative personalities and plenty of group projects. A BA in Business Administration Marketing program typically covers topics such as organizational behavior and development, principles of marketing, international marketing, and management of human resources.

Marketing positions require persuasion, negotiation and sales skills, along with the ability to interact with a wide variety of personality types – all the trademarks of an extrovert’s personality.

  • Sales: $107,475 average salary
  • Public Relations: $59,970 average salary

Criminal Justice

Extroverts may be particularly suited to a BA in Criminal Justice degree program, due to their tendency to be talkative and assertive – two qualities that are needed when working with crime suspects, victims and others involved in the criminal justice system. With coursework including criminology, community policing, criminal justice ethics and criminal investigation, extroverts could find this major program a good fit for their skills and personality.

Pursuing a BA in Criminal Justice major can lead to variety of careers, from parole administrator to police officer; FBI agent to crime scene investigator – all of which utilize an extrovert’s outstanding interviewing, negotiating and communication skills.


Earning a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance could be an excellent educational path for extroverts. An advanced education in principles of business and finance, this major program engages an extrovert’s natural sales, leadership and directing characteristics. Coursework typically includes investment management, financial management policy and organizational behavior.

An MBA in Finance program could be a great fit for extroverts who seek to explore career options such as finance manager or Personal Financial Advisor.

  • Financial Advisor: $81,072 average salary

Healthcare Management

A Master’s degree in Healthcare Management program offers exposure to many facets of the healthcare industry, including policy, legal and economic impacts. This major could be a good fit for gregarious extroverts, with instruction in leadership, management and negotiation. Coursework typically includes essentials of business development, healthcare planning and marketing, organizational behavior and strategic management.

An MBA in Healthcare Management major may appeal to individuals who seek to advance their career opportunities in pharmaceuticals, consulting, or healthcare management or marketing; with strong interpersonal and leadership skills required for these fields, this program major is particularly fitting for extroverts.

Business Administration

For extroverts who are interested in the business world, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration program gives them the flexibility to hone in on just the right career focus for their skills and interests. One possibility is a specialization in Management. This major program focuses on areas such as managing the global economy, understanding the ethics of management decisions, and managing people and change. Coursework typically includes essential business skills, principles of management and management of human resources.

Extroverts who enjoy interacting with business professionals may excel in this degree program. By earning a BA Business Administration Management degree, extroverts can be ready to pursue career opportunities suited to their temperament and personality, as well as their natural skills.

  • Human Relations Specialist: $63,176 average salary
  • Education Administration: $93, 298 average salary

It’s Important to Choose the Right Major Program For Extroverts

Choosing an educational major program can be challenging, but assessing your personality type first can make it easier – and you may even achieve a more successful outcome. Extroverts, who don’t function as well in solitary situations or with independent projects, might want to consider these five major programs, which can position them for careers that involve working with others, while using their enthusiastic, outgoing personalities to their advantage. 

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