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Best Major Programs For Introverts

By Bisk
Best Major Programs For Introverts

Characteristics of Introverts

As described by psychiatrist Carl Jung in the 1920s, introverts are creative thinkers and problem solvers who are more reserved and less outgoing than extroverts. Introverts tend to prefer solitary work and activities to group projects and socializing. Many introverts are quite comfortable in groups or social situations; they simply prefer fewer of them.

What Are Some of The Best-Fit Major Programs For Introverts?

While pursuing advanced education is no guarantee of success or employment in any career, it can strengthen your credentials, give you self-confidence, and help you focus your talents and personal characteristics toward career choices to areas in which you can excel. Choosing the right major program is the first step. If you are an introvert, consider the following list of education major programs, which are especially suitable to your skills and personality.


Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting Degree can lead to a variety of careers that are especially suitable for introverts. Crunching numbers and concentrating on spreadsheets takes a great deal of patience and focus – at which introverts excel. In a BS Accounting degree program, topics covered include cost accounting, tax planning and auditing. Coursework typically includes principles of accounting, introduction to microeconomics and applied decision methods for business.

Accounting positions require strong decision-making skills and a high level of comfort with numbers, computers and financial software – all hallmarks of an introvert’s personality.

Business Administration

A bachelor’s degree in Business Administration program allows introverts to choose an area of concentration that fits their skills and temperament well. One possibility is a specialization in computer information systems (CIS). This major program teaches broad business skills and technological principles, while offering a choice among systems analysis and design, network theory and design, or electronic commerce. Coursework typically includes applied decision methods for business, management information systems (MIS), statistics, and instruction in various programming languages.

By earning a BS Business Admin CIS degree, introverts can be ready to pursue career opportunities in which they may excel, using their well-honed skills in monitoring, analyzing, designing and developing computer software applications.


Earning a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance is another introvert-appropriate educational path.  This type of program comprehensively studies  advanced finance principles,  whereby engageing an introvert’s natural preference to work independently, analyze data and focus on the task at hand. Coursework typically includes portfolio analysis, investment management and financial management.

An MBA in Finance program may be a great fit for introverts who seek career opportunities in financial planning, international banking, or investment banking. With plenty of analysis, attention to detail and research required in these fields, introverts could find this to be a logical career choice after earning an MBA in Finance degree.

Internet Marketing

Introverts seeking an MBA program might explore the possibility of earning an MBA in Marketing. With a focus on topics such as case study analysis, tracking and measuring metrics, and web performance analytics, introverts could find it’s a good fit for their skills and personality. Coursework typically includes marketing management, management information systems, Internet marketing and technologies of Internet marketing.

Pursuing an MBA in Marketing major may be a sound educational path for an introvert, and could lead to a career in marketing, e-commerce or search engine optimization – all fields that utilize an introvert’s outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills.

Choosing the Right Major Program For Introverts

Achieving success can be challenging for any personality type. For introverts, the desire to work independently can make choosing an educational major program and possible career path even more difficult. Knowing what majors are particularly well suited to introverts can help make the process easier, and lead to a career you can enjoy and excel in for years to come.

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