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How to Apply Your Mini MBA in Your Day-to-Day Life at Work

By University Alliance
How to Apply Your Mini MBA in Your Day-to-Day Life at Work

While most professionals recognize the rewards and benefits that come with higher education, many are hesitant to commit to the time it takes to attain an advanced degree. For those, a Mini MBA is a very realistic option. A Mini MBA provides advanced knowledge that can be applied immediately on the job across all business careers. Not only does it suit all business professions, it also fits into the hectic lifestyle of the business professional – especially those programs offered online. Florida Tech’s Mini MBA For-Credit Graduate Certificate, available 100% online, helps you to master the fundamentals that drive organizations with the two-course sequence Essentials of Business Development. From there, you’ll attain advanced aptitudes with two more courses in one of four disciplines: management,  Internet marketing, information technology management or healthcare management.

To become more effective on the job with a Mini MBA and to acquire the advanced knowledge needed for success, you’ll want to be sure the program you choose encompasses the following:

  • Modern theories of effective leadership, management and negotiation
    It’s no surprise that the most successful business people also happen to be the most skillful communicators. They know how to effectively negotiate, manage and lead – skills that go beyond simply being a “people person.” If you aspire to rise through the ranks and join them, you’ll want to master these crucial techniques.
  • Critical decision-making in the face of uncertainty
    The higher up the corporate ladder you climb, the bigger the problems that you must solve for become. Making decisions that can affect employees, profitability, product, or public perception are common to all executives. Gaining the skills needed to be able to weigh various factors and predict possible outcomes are vital for those looking to move up.
  • Integrating initiatives involving various departments
    Those at the top need to be well-versed in all aspects of business, from marketing to operations, accounting to human resources. Being cross-functional and possessing an understanding of all disciplines helps them to work toward a common goal with the heads of every department; together, they can integrate initiatives that may have a far-reaching impact across the entire company.
  • Predicting, initiating and managing change
    The way we do business is changing constantly. Technology has integrated itself into all aspects of every organization, and globalization has connected economies, societies and cultures through communication, transportation and trade. To survive in this ever-evolving environment, business owners and business leaders must be able to predict and manage change, and pass their expertise on to employees.

Choosing to pursue a Mini MBA is a great first step toward achieving a better future. To make sure you’ll be attaining the knowledge you need for success and advancement, study the curriculum and verify that it includes these vital topics. With a Mini MBA For-Credit Graduate Certificate from Florida Tech, you can be confident that you’ll gain these proficiencies and more, setting you apart from your colleagues while forming a complete business plan tailored to your field of interest and your ambitions.

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