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Online Accounting Degrees

Gain the educational qualifications required for a career in accounting.

By University Alliance
Online Accounting Degrees

If you possess great attention to detail and strong critical-thinking, decision-making and problem-solving skills, the field of accounting could be right for you. People in this field are typically analytical, accurate and focused because their work must be error-free and high-quality. Each level of educational attainment in accounting can provide a solid basis for an array of job opportunities.

Associate of Arts in Accounting

With an AA in Accounting, you should know how to estimate the value of liabilities and equities, prepare and apply accounting standards to financial presentations, incorporate cost accounting fundamentals in daily practice, as well as other functions that can be immediately applied in the workplace. Potential job opportunities include junior staff accountant, financial data analyst and audit associate. An AA in Accounting is also a great foundation for continuing your education with a BA or MBA in Accounting.

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting

Individuals with a BA in Accounting may find a wide variety of career paths, including internal auditor, accountant, financial procedures analyst, budget analyst, controller, government contracts manager and tax associate. A BA degree program can help prepare you for these positions and more with courses such as Cost Accounting, Auditing, Individual Federal Income Taxes and Finance for Managers.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a Specialization in Accounting

A BA in Business Administration with a Specialization in Accounting degree program should help students develop proficiency in multiple management disciplines, including planning, strategy, organization, staffing, leadership and change. They should also receive instruction in the real-world application of tax laws, and gain practical experience in various strategies for communicating within organizations. With such training and skills, students may be positioned to seek career opportunities as a financial analyst or cost accounting manager.

MBA with a Specialization in Accounting

In this advanced degree program, students can create their own fully integrated business plan, which can provide them with insights into real business situations, allow them to apply critical business concepts, and enable them to acquire specialized skills in cost allocation, absorption cost systems, and decision and control models. In addition, students may qualify to take the CPA exam or attain other accounting industry credentials, potentially boosting their career opportunities in fields such as Certified Public Accountant, Senior Budget Analyst and Director of Accounting Operations.

MBA with a Specialization in Accounting & Finance

If you are interested in progressing to a management position, an MBA with a Specialization in Accounting & Finance can open the door to additional possibilities. Students investigate how to apply modern theories of effective leadership, management and negotiation, how to apply accounting data to goals, and effective methods of communicating financial accounting information. Potential careers include Director of Accounting, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Financial Analyst and Finance Operations Director.

Earn Your Accounting Degree, 100% Online

Florida Tech has designed its 100% online accounting degrees with students’ busy lives in mind. The degree programs allow students to login wherever they have Internet access, whenever they can (24/7). Plus, Florida Tech provides students with a state-of-the-art, e-learning system that features:

  • Lectures available on desktop, laptop or mobile device via streaming video and downloadable MP3 and MP4 files
  • Faculty-hosted discussion boards for students to communicate with one another
  • Online faculty and student support with a university-provided email address
  • Virtual office hours available in a live chat room setting

From the initial inquiry to the completion of your degree, you’ll find a wide variety of support every step of the way. If you have a question regarding an assignment, need technical support or would like assistance with enrollment, you’ll receive the personalized attention and service you need for an optimal learning experience. 

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