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Online Bachelor’s Degrees

By University Alliance
Online Bachelor’s Degrees

What You Need To Know About Online Bachelor’s Degrees

Studies consistently prove the many benefits of pursuing higher education. From earning more money, to enjoying more job security, online bachelor’s degrees can offer endless rewards. But before you fill out an application, be sure to ask the right questions. The truth is, all degrees are not the same!

Regional Accreditation

Completing an online degree program requires a significant commitment. You want to be sure your time and effort is well spent earning a degree that will be respected in your industry and valued by potential employers. Regionally accredited universities have undergone an exhaustive evaluation to ensure they offer a certain standard of quality education. Not only will employers recognize online bachelor’s degrees from an accredited university, your credits are much more likely to transfer and you’ll be eligible to pursue a graduate degree if you so choose.

A Long-Standing Tradition of Academic Excellence

Although widely known for educating NASA astronauts, Florida Tech is a recognized leader in a number of fields, including business, engineering, psychology and more. Online offerings span a variety of in-demand industries and are continually being expanded.

24/7 Online Technology That’s Flexible and Convenient

Florida Tech’s online classroom is composed of innovative tools to ensure you receive a quality, collaborative education. Online bachelor’s degrees require no on-campus attendance and no specific logon times. Watch streaming video lectures at your own pace, or download MP3 lectures to a mobile device and listen on the go.

Do Your Homework.

There’s no doubt about it: A degree can bring a lifetime of rewards, both personally and professionally. Choose nothing less than a world-class degree program from a top-notch university like Florida Tech!

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