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Online Computer Degrees

By University Alliance
Online Computer Degrees

Online Computer Degrees Give Busy Professionals an Edge on the Competition

If you are interested in the computer information systems industry and have wondered whether you should take online computer degrees seriously, you aren’t alone. The U.S. Department of Education performed a study on the effects of online education and found that online degrees offer superior skill development.

According to the data, online college degree programs are better at raising student achievement than traditional campus programs. Consider this good incentive if you are looking for a reason to pursue an online computer degree.

Shaky Economy, Tougher Job Market

A recently released Labor Department report showed there are on average, about 6.3 unemployed workers competing for the same job opening. Experience may not be enough for you to land a job in today’s competitive climate. Employers have cut a net total of 7.2 million jobs, and while layoffs are slowing, hiring has yet to begin, the report states. Therefore, you need to make yourself as marketable as possible … education is key!

With such incentives to earn your degree, convenience is yet another reason to pursue your undergraduate or graduate computer degree online.

100% Online Computer Degrees From Florida Tech

Florida Tech has a longstanding relationship with the technology community, having educated NASA astronauts and scientists for decades. Over the years, Florida Tech forged new paths into the online education as a recognized leader in a number of fields, from computer information systems to psychology.

From undergraduate to graduate online computer degrees – Florida Tech has created quite the lineup:

Undergraduate Online Computer Degrees

Graduate Online Computer Degrees

Regionally accredited Florida Tech is also ranked as a Best National University in US News & World Report’s “America’s Best Colleges.” Its 100% online computer degrees offer many convenient benefits that other universities do not, such as:

  • No required classroom login times
  • 24/7 access to your courses, wherever you have Internet access
  • Convenient 8-week terms
  • Flexibility, convenience and a top-tier education from a top tier university

Enhance Your Future, Increase Your Potential

Once you’ve decided which of Florida Tech’s online computer degrees you are going to pursue, you’re almost done. The next step is making contact with a friendly program representative, who will take you step-by-step from enrollment to book ordering. They’ll even help you apply for financial aid, giving you even more incentive to go and earn that degree!

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