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What is Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification?

By University Alliance
What is Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification?

While deciding which advanced certificate or online program to pursue may be daunting at first, the rewards of increased opportunities, greater networking potential, and long-term job security are all strong reasons to consider increasing the luster of your résumé through formal education. For project managers, the Project Management Institute makes the choices easy to compare. One of the credentials they endorse is the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate. Consider the strengths of this credential:


A high school diploma or related substitution and work experience can fulfill the perquisites for the program. A bachelor’s degree will lower the amount of additional work experience required to begin the process. While the courses take place online, professionals will notice that the curriculum is directly applicable to his or her daily work environment. Industry-wide, PMP certification is recognized for its best practice methods and comprehensive development of highly marketable and globally applicable knowledge.


As the global business sector places increasing demands on its managers, the most current knowledge is essential to remain competitive. International expansion of business brings challenges and opportunities to professionals seeking to be among the most proficient in the field. Because PMP certification also means that you have passed a standardized test, prospective employers can feel re-assured that you have the knowledge necessary to lead projects efficiently and with globally recognized best practice standards which you can then apply toward team success. From properly budgeting a project, to implementing necessary changes mid-stream, to efficiently closing the project out, skilled project managers will tell you that no two projects are alike and that now more than ever, the business environment is rapidly changing. Achieving PMP credentials moves your professional aspirations forward with the emphasis on keeping your professional skills sharp and focused, even as the business world changes around you.

Long-range Planning

The PMP certification can be used as a stepping stone to other credentials and education as your career unfolds. With its respect internationally, the PMP credential can also open far-reaching doors for you, should you desire an international experience. Affordably priced and 100% online options places PMP credentials within easy reach of busy working professionals and military families who experience frequent relocation.

In addition to coursework, professionals also have an increased opportunity for professional mentoring and other career development opportunities such as seminars, conferences, and job fairs. Actively pursuing additional education demonstrates to current and prospective employers alike that you are willing to invest in your future and are likewise committed to long term professional and competitive growth.


With the emphasis placed on streamlining business spending and increasing productivity, PMP credential holders demonstrate that their best practice skills are relative to today’s market challenges. Never before has the demand for strong business leaders with well developed managerial skills, ethical standards, and efficient applications been in higher demand. Through investing in the credentials required to streamline your own skill set and by presenting a more precise set of globally enhanced managerial skills, you will show that while competition may be tough, you are prepared for the future.

Is PMP Certification Right for Me?

Today’s business environment requires incredible leadership skills for efficient project management. Professionals willing to commit to a credentialing process such as the PMP certificate can enjoy an added degree of clout when circulating résumés. When achieving credentials through highly ranked and regionally accredited programs, professionals enter into the world of opportunities afforded to a more elite group of colleagues with which to network, build teams, and chart a long term pathway of success.

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