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Iris Weeden, Master of Business Administration, Class of 2014

The MBA is the key to career advancement, the marketing manager says.

By University Alliance
For Florida Tech Grad, Mother Knew Best

So, as it turns out, mother does know best.

Just ask Iris Weeden. After earning a bachelor’s degree in 2006, the Houston native entered the advertising and marketing field, taking on a number of roles over the years, including assistant account executive, content marketing specialist and social media director.

But mom had other plans for her.

“She would always say, ‘The MBA is the new bachelor’s degree,’” Weeden recalled. “So she kept pushing and pushing and pushing.”

Think of it as the educational equivalent of being told to eat your veggies.

“I knew I wanted to go back to school, but not necessarily for my MBA. But my mom did, so I wound up researching it more.”

She began looking at online options for earning a Master of Business Administration degree, which she had come to realize was “the essential key” to career advancement.

“And Florida Tech was the university that stuck out because it’s nationally recognized as one of the best universities and has an excellent online MBA program,” said Weeden, who works for a marketing and graphic design agency in Houston.

She was delighted with her choice of university.

“I had really great experiences with my enrollment representative, my classmates and my professors. They’re all super-responsive,” said Weeden, who continued working full time while earning her degree. “The enrollment advisors call you once a week … and it’s like they almost become your friend because they’re helping you through the program.”

Her advice to anyone considering an online MBA program?

“I would recommend Florida Tech for sure. I would just say be prepared for hard work because just because it’s an online program, doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. You have to be self-disciplined and you just have to work hard.”

Weeden is proud of her accomplishment and is now a self-proclaimed “Panther for Life.”

Her fiancé was there to watch as she proudly crossed the stage at the commencement ceremony on Florida Tech’s campus in Melbourne.

And so, of course, was her mom.

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