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Airport Executive John Tiliacos Highlights Value of Customer Service

“There is never a dull day,” says Tiliacos, who has an aviation management degree from Florida Tech.

By Florida Institute of Technology

As vice president of operations and customer service at Tampa International Airport, John Tiliacos says no two days are the same, whether it’s dealing with security-related issues or plans for a new concessions program.

“This is a very exciting business to be in,” said Tiliacos, who has spent almost three decades in airline and airport management since graduating from Florida Tech with an aviation management degree.

Nearly 17 million passengers traveled through Tampa International in 2013 and that number is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. Airport executives and planners have created blueprints for a major expansion designed to accommodate the projected growth in passenger traffic at the airport in Tampa, Florida.

Taking care of those millions of travelers from arrival to departure is what gives Tiliacos a tremendous sense of professional pride and satisfaction.

“My responsibility is to make sure customers move in and out of this airport safely, efficiently and with a high level of customer service,” said Tiliacos, who previously held management roles with TWA and American Airlines.

Watch or read our interview with Florida Tech grad John Tiliacos to learn more about his career path and his responsibilities as Vice President of Operations and Customer Service at Tampa International Airport. 

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