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Understanding the ROI of Effective Project Management

Florida Tech instructor Wayne Brantley, PMP, examines the vital role of project managers.

By University Alliance

The performance gap separating organizations that are adept at project management from those that are not is substantial. And it’s also quantifiable.

A February 2015 report by the Project Management Institute (PMI) found that high-performing organizations complete more than 80% of their projects on budget and on time, more than twice the success rate of low-performing companies. Additionally, high performers waste 13 times less money on those projects, according to the PMI report, titled Pulse of the Profession: Capturing the Value of Project Management.

“If you want to sustain any type of initiative, there’s nothing better than being able to show what the return on investment is,” explained Florida Institute of Technology instructor Wayne Brantley, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Following his recent webinar, More Than a Manager – Become a Project Management Guru, Brantley expanded on the core concepts and trends in the growing field of project management.

“Too much money is being lost on projects that are not being done properly and are not successful,” said Brantley, co-author of the book Project Management ROI: A Step-by-Step Guide for Measuring the Impact and ROI for Projects and an instructor in Florida Tech’s 100% online MBA with a specialization in Project Management program.

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