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Anastasia Balco

By University Alliance


Anastasia Balco, I’m from Tampa, Florida, and I’m graduating with an MBA in Internet Marketing. To make some progress in my current position, I’ll need a degree to show that I’m interested in moving up within the company, and Florida Institute of Technology seemed like the right choice. I feel like the courses were very much aligned with the work that I’m currently doing. Easier than I expected, as far as navigating the site and communication with everyone that I needed to get ahold of. Everyone was just a phone call away, and I had a really great guidance counselor, or mentor, and he was always available for me. So that was one of the highlights, I think. I have three kids at home, so just the travel and back and forth through a campus was extremely difficult. And to be able to go home at the end of day and take care of your family, and then get online and learn was really, really a great asset for me. I’m excited, you know, relieved that I was able to accomplish all that in the two years, and you really take away a lot and it was a really, really great learning experience. So, I’m excited to be here.

Category: Success Stories