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Calvin Amos

By University Alliance


My name is Calvin Amos and I'm from Rockledge, Florida, and I'm graduating with an MBA in finance. I need to know more about just operating in the business world from a corporate standpoint. I came out of the corporate world, but I was in the technical field. I have electrical engineering degree, and I enjoyed that but, you know, your passions change. I looked around. I could have went MBA at a lot of different places, but I saw good reviews about Florida Tech. I think I got one of the best MBA educations it is; a lot of just applications, a lot of hands-on projects. That’s what I liked about the program – a lot of just hands-on, real life stuff. I would say it exceeded my expectations. My expectations were just to begin to learn the new area of finance, operating businesses, and things like that. What I got out of this degree, though, because a lot of the hands-on group real life projects that we did, you were doing things that they do out there in the professional world and you got to experience them. We got to run a company, for example, a group project where you competed against other people that were running a company. You learned the ins-and-outs of running the company from the marketing standpoint to the CEO. You know, different people playing different roles, and I just really enjoyed that aspect of the program of how hands-on, real world application it is. I guess the word I would use is “ecstatic.” That’s my one word: ecstatic about the opportunity, ecstatic about finishing the accomplishment, and ecstatic about the possibilities for the future.

Category: Success Stories