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Support at Every Step

By University Alliance


Wes Geyer – MBA/Project Management

Two-three weeks into a class, he’d say, “Hey, this is what we’re looking at for the next class. You need to get your enrollment going.” He’d send you all the forms, the links, online. That was awesome. Darren Turner, thanks, I do appreciate it.

Steve Pickering – MBA/Internet Marketing

The enrollment representatives were always present and available anytime I had a question. Usually they responded in 10 or 15 minutes. In one case, I’d forgotten to order a book. Well, I called my representative that day, the second day of class I had my book. So that was great.

Ann Reid Shaw – MBA/Information Technology

Oh, Vicky Mayer, she’s awesome! Yes! I had a wonderful time with her, our interaction. She gives me wonderful advice.

Calvin Amos – BA/Applied Psychology

I had a great one. She actually called me, probably, if not once a week, once every other week for sure. That was sometimes – with once a week – kind of checking up, but usually, like I said, at a minimum once every other week. You know, calling, seeing how things were going.

Cheryn Patrick Rodriquez – MBA/Finance

LaShanda talked to me and let me know this is what I needed to do. She’s been instrumental.

Jose Chinchilla – BA/Computer Information Systems

The student coordinators, they help take all the headaches about registration and making sure that you have all your credits. They’re there constantly giving you support, but also following up, and they help you along the way.

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