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Why Florida Tech Aviation?

By University Alliance

Since it was founded nearly a half-century ago, Florida Institute of Technology’s College of Aeronautics has become known worldwide as a leader in aviation education. Its faculty includes experienced industry professionals and among its thousands of alumni are executives at airports around the nation.

BA Aviation Management

tia terminal

The Bachelor of Arts in Aviation Management is for people with an interest in aeronautics and a desire to work or advance in the aviation industry. From identifying factors that affect airspace and airfield capacity to creating an airline business plan, this degree provides a liberal arts education along with career and industry-specific aviation and management curriculum.

Florida Tech’s BA Aviation Management provides:

  • Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Our interactive online learning provides a comprehensive look at aviation law, operations, safety and more.
  • Esteemed Faculty & Alumni: Florida Tech Aviation is a name brand in the industry due to our outstanding alumni and faculty, including NASA astronauts, major airport executives, decorated veterans and more.
  • A Gateway to an Industry of Opportunity: The aviation industry is growing and bringing new career opportunities. Worldwide, the aviation industry employs nearly 9 million people in a broad range of occupations, including airline manager, pilot, security officer, freight and cargo supervisor and more.

“We really focus on making sure the student gets the aviation material,” says Assistant Professor Ismael Cremer, a licensed pilot. “But not just the aviation material; the skills to be able to work in the aviation industry.” 

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